Oh you haven't heard? That's a good thing now.

The day my sister picked her wedding date was the day I realized that over the past few months I had taken a pretty big tumble off the workout wagon. The wedding was in less than a year and I was a bit of a slob kabob. Seeing as I was the self-appointed Maid of Honor, I decided to make it a point to use the next 9 months to get back into top shape for my 15 seconds of fame. Because the Maid of Honor is the second most important person at the wedding right?!

I was very motivated and quickly decided to put together a plan of action, I would eat healthy, limit my drinking, and go to the gym daily. The plan seemed great at first until I remembered that I HATE the gym. Getting on a treadmill and pretending to be a majestic gazelle while in reality just trotting in place for 30 minutes was really the worst. I needed to find something that would keep me entertained while also providing me with a great workout. This is when I discovered boxing, not just the bag classes but full on training in the ring (yep, I suddenly wanted to be a female Mike Tyson).

Picking up a new sport can be very intimidating, especially when it’s boxing. I couldn’t look like a rookie so I left the whole ‘shreddin for the weddin’ mentality at home. As I started to train, I slowly learned that a lot of boxing is based around being tough. No matter what the situation is you need to remain strong, this isn’t always the easiest but I learned that a good set of gear can help you feel like you are unstoppable.Here are some essentials to help you feel like a total badass in the ring.

A solid pair of gloves

Gloves can be a little pricey but they are worth investing in. A good pair of gloves can last you a long time. Gloves fit everyone differently so it’s important to try them on before and make sure they fit well. My go-to gloves are Title gloves.

Hand wraps

You may not see your hand wraps once your gloves are on, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Wraps help to keep your hands protected when boxing, so it’s key to find a quality pair. Meister makes awesome wraps in a bunch of different designs so you can express your personality.

Boxing shoes

At first, I wasn’t sure boxing shoes were necessary but a good pair of boxing shoes will actually help change your training. Boxing shoes help you move faster, while staying light on your feet.


Finally, quality headgear is a must. You want your headgear to be sturdy and protective but also comfortable. You should make sure try out a few to make sure they fit before making a final decision, just know that you will never look cute in headgear, so let that dream go.

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