Shine bright and sparkly, little diamond.

If you look into my closet, it is a sea of black. Has been since I can remember – dark clothing makes me feel cool and warm and fuzzy and like the purest version of myself. Like I don’t have to try too hard when it comes to style because if it’s just black, I feel like a together adult.

That said, I admit that wearing all black all the time isn’t FUN. It’s just not. You know what is? Metallics. Golds and silvers and HOLOGRAPHIC prints. I often get a super sparkly manicure because it just makes me happy to look down at my nails all day.

Well, if you’ve like me and have ever had the urge to cover yourself in all things holo but like have a grownup job now, maybe Halloween could be your holo haven. Here are the top 5 holographic beauty essentials you need for a traffic-stopping costume. (Or everyday outfit. Literally, just go out there and live your best life.)

Nail polish

Get the digits

 As I mentioned, nail polish is probably the most low-key way of getting some of that shine into your life (and if what I would call a less obnoxious version of a fidget spinner). Layer it on over your usual go-to shade, or rock it on its own and think of it as a “neutral.” You know, like leopard.


Let it glitter

I know what you’re thinking. You’re in your late 20s/early 30s….what are you gonna do with this little shaker guy of glitter. Well it’s called subtly, and maybe saving this guy for a Lady Gaga show or something. Mix a bit of this into some hair product, then gently apply to your part. Depending on your career path…this could be inspiring for coworkers or a fun way to feel crazy while you’re sitting silently  at a rock show instead of in the pit.

Fake eyelashes

Wink, wink 

Whether you’re Insta-famous or looking to be, false lashes are becoming more and more commonplace. Why not add a little holo? Keep the rest of your face pretty neutral (a swipe of BB Cream, some peach blush, maybe a shimmery lipgloss), and you’re good to go. Sign me up for anything that makes mascara obsolete.

Nail stickers

Stick to it

If the thought of a full holo manicure makes you nervous, these cute little nail stickers are the perfect little way to shine. Stick a few to your already perfect (or not to perfect) gel mani, and swipe a clear polish on top for maximum staying power.

What holographic beauty trends do you want to see?

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