It's a new Halloween trend, and it's pretty adorable.

TREND ALERT! Have you heard of the Halloween “booing” phenomenon yet? If not, you should educate yourself now before it happens to you and you’re left in the dark.

“Booing” is where you and your kids creep onto your neighbor’s property in the middle of the night and surround their doorstep, porch, or yard with buckets or bags of candy (unbeknownst to them)*. Then, you run away and giggle while patiently wait for the morning discovery. It’s like toilet papering, but way nicer. They also call it “ghosting,” but  in the dating world, it has a negative connotation (rightly so)!

I digress. Once you realize that you’ve been “booed,” you announce it to the neighborhood by putting putting a “We’ve been booed” sign on your window. #HumbleBrag. You must then do the same thing to two more houses, as a way to continue sharing the holiday spirit with your community. But what if the person you “boo” is a curmudgeon? Even better. Challenge accepted: Turn them into a fan. Force some joy into their cold, dead hearts. They’ll thank you later for it (they probably won’t).


So, you may be thinking: “What exactly goes INSIDE of these buckets?” That part is pretty much up to you. You can wrap candy and treats with festive gift wrapping supplies or pack everything into in fun, Halloween-themed bags and buckets. You can also get extra creative by leaving some candy in these cute little luminary Jack-O-Lanterns, forcing your neighbors to participate in excessive Halloween decorations. Up the ante with hilarious yard decor. Or throw up some props for the door- like this clumsy witch that made a wrong turn on her broom somewhere. Whatever you do, don’t get caught. “Why? This seems like a lot of work.” You might say to yourself. Well, WHY NOT? It’s innocent fun for the whole family. 

Halloween decor

BONUS: The best part about “booing,” is that it can technically be done for ANY holiday. You can “elf” someone for Christmas, or “egg” them for Easter. My guess is that “egging” has a different meaning to those people than it does to us (since it seems to leave people cheerful instead of furious). You can even leave people alcohol! How thoughtful!

These are all lighthearted, BOOtiful ways to get people in the holiday spirit. (I couldn’t help myself.) I support it. It sounds fun. In fact, I’d love someone to “boo” my apartment this year. HINT, HINT.

*This may only work in suburbia. New Yorkers will most likely call the police.

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