Give your old favorites some new life.  

So you shopped Jet, maybe you’ve enjoyed a purple box or two. NOW WHAT? If you don’t have a cat (we hear they make excellent nap spots), maybe you want to use it to give a little good back to the world.

Jet has teamed up with Give Back Box, where you can donate your gently used clothing and household items to those in need. You get karma points, they get that awesome perfectly-soft t-shirt from last season. Win/win! Here’s how to give back without even having to leave your house.


Packing your gently used clothing, shoes, and household items in your Jet box. If you’re wondering what “gently used” means (I always do), this means not covered in your late-night sushi soy sauce stains.


Download the below shipping label, then print it out and attach it to the box.


Ship it out!


The highest needed items include hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, jewelry, shoes, and accessories. That means yes to those shoes you wore to that wedding once, your favorite sneakers that were maybe just a bit small, anything you’d want to wear in the winter, or anything pretty in the back of a drawer or hanging on the wall that would look really nice to spruce up a cold weather look. (I’m thinking og about 5 statement necklaces who I would love to donate.)

They will also accept books, records, CDs, video tapes and DVDs, games, toys and sports equipment – think that mix CD your ex made you, the DVD collection you’ve replaced with Netflix in the name of minimalism, etc.

Also, anything home-related. Dishes, glassware, utensils, or anything you could make a nice cup of hot chocolate in. Basically…anything you would gift to a sibling or regift to a friend!


No electronics or linens, curtains, or blankets. That means, no blankies from when you were 5, no broken desktop computers from the trunk of your car, and no old Thanksgiving-stained tablecloths. Also, no pets. They like our boxes to hang out in, but only for very short periods of time.


Jet does a lot to give back all year round. Check out what else we have going on here! There’s always something cool.

Print your shipping label here!

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