This is your official permission to sit on your couch.

You finally get home from work, or from running errands, picking up your kid from something, or from whatever hyperactive thing you were doing all day. You lay yourself on your couch, because — this is IT — you’re going to RELAX. Right? Especially today of all days….National Relaxation Day.

Wrong. You grab your phone, and start scrolling through the pictures of people you didn’t like in college who are now at a beach, and start freaking out about how you haven’t been to a beach in months. You turn on an episode Silicon Valley (because you know it’s a show where a character won’t suddenly perish), and you start thinking about how you wish you were smarter and had a million dollar idea for a startup. You throw your hands up in the air and forget about the whole “relaxing” concept in general. Who relaxes!? Well, YOU should. That’s who.

In honor of National Relaxation Day, peep some tips below to find your chill (but, actually this time).

Crossword puzzle

Take yourself on a solo date

If your mind is as overactive as mine, doing a (low-key) activity can actually help you to relax. Going for a bike ride, baking, hitting up a fitness class, doing a crossword puzzle, or going to the movies can be super helpful to get out of your own head for a bit and pivoting your focus on something else (that’s not too strenuous). Make a goal to make this time for yourself X amount of times per week – “dates with yourself,” if you will. (It’s not weird.)

Wireless Speaker

Put your phone down during meals (and actually do it)

Put it on airplane mode. Turn on some music or play a podcast you love, and bon appetit to you. Taking a break from your feed while you feed yourself won’t just help you to disconnect for a bit – it’ll and help you to actually be alone with your thoughts.  Bonus: Some studies even suggest eating with no distractions (TV off, phone away) is a repeat behavior for people with a lower BMI than average. Win, win.

Tazo tea


Sit down with a (G-rated) beverage

Make some hot tea (gotta love some solid green tea with honey). Curl up on the couch with your favorite Starbucks coffee brew that instantly makes you say “ahhh.” Try new flavors of brewed iced teas to top with ice and a lemon for a refresher. Sit in your favorite chair or spot, and don’t get up until you savor every last drop.


Coloring book

Color inside the lines – the adult way

Why are people so obsessed with adult coloring books? Because they help you feel zen AF, that’s why. When you’re focusing on something else and concentrating on coloring in making that peacock’s feathers perfect, you’re not thinking about the things causing you some stress. We love ones with designs, swear words and nostalgia.

Lavender candle

A candle is never a bad idea 

I, for one, LOVE when people gift me candles. The ones that are both delicious and add to décor vibes usually ain’t cheap – but these check off both boxes without breaking the bank. You can’t deny lighting a candle and turning the lights down makes your brain go, “FINE, I’ll chill,” especially when it smells like lavender or salted grapefruit.

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