Some of us aren't. Doesn't mean we don't LOVE.

Pride can be a lot of fun and in many cases SHOULD be! but lest we make a St. Patrick’s Day out of a celebration of human rights, we should also sit ourselves down. BE HUMBLE.
Rainbows and Madonna and leather are all great for the occasion (as long as you’re not dabbling in minstrelsy, straight, cis people!) but there’s more than one way to show support for your queer comrades. And if you’re queer yourself, celebrate any way you like! This is about you, and no Jet blog post of mine is about to tell you what’s what. 
For now, speaking as a straight cis (white) woman, here’s what I’m going to do for Pride this month. 
Get (and stay) educated 
“Stonewall: The Riots that Sparked the Gay Revolution,” by David Carter, is the book that inspired the PBS documentary Stonewall Uprising. It’s an exhaustively reported account of not just the Stonewall incident itself, but also of its lasting cultural impact. It features hundreds of interviews with witnesses and takes a hard look at what that disastrous event really in the LGBTQ landscape continues to shift, evolve, and progress. 
Watch films that feature LGBTQ actors
There’s tons of queer cinema to choose from (“Blue is the Warmest Color” really does live up to all the hype), and Tangerine” is such a beautiful and moving film and puts real trans actors on the screen, something that really can’t happen enough in a Hollywood that still struggles to celebrate the spectrum. 
Support queer art
Some of the best artists of all time were or are on the LGBTQ spectrum. David Wojnarowicz, Catherine Opie, Mykki Blanco are just a few. The best way to support a community is to spend your cash. (And it’s not like the pickings for great works are slim.) Buy a painting, read a novel, put on the vinyl. This is going to be the most fun pride-showing you’ll ever do.
Wear it loud and proud
You can wear T-shirts that just straight-up declare your allegiance to LGBTQ pride, or you can go subtler and even broader. This Equality for All shirt hat-tips to the organization devoted to eradicating homophobia, racism, and misogyny. You can also go the old-fashioned flag route. Not a flag person? How about rainbow suspenders, rainbow earrings, rainbow bracelets and, hey why not, rainbow dog tags.

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