Chill out no matter where you are.

I have a recurring, real-life summer nightmare about sweat: it starts where I’m behind schedule getting to work and I see my savior, the always fashionably late bus right in front of me. But this time of all days, the bus decides to buck its own trend of tardiness and zoom by my stop with complete disregard to the fact that I’m supposed to get on the bus first.

In the winter this is not such a bad thing, but in the summer, this leaves me with a terrible dilemma. I might miss the bus and be very, very late to work, or dare to run for the bus and end up looking like I had decided to go early morning skinny-dipping in the midst of a monsoon.

Of course, many times, to my everlasting regret, I have run for that bus. After years of doing this, rather than just leaving for work in a timely manner, I’ve done what any reasonable human in my situation would do. I’ve researched ways to immediately cool myself down and combat that sweat. Here are my tips on how to cool down in this heat.

Gray hat

Beat the Sweat Before You Sweat

When it comes to sweat, you are what you wear. A cotton undershirt can soak up sweat quickly and minimize the stink damage. Better yet, if you wear a nylon athletic shirt under your work clothes like this one, not only will you minimize the stink, but the light fiber will allow the sweat to evaporate faster. Finally, as a last ditch effort, you can always use a garment protector. Oh, and don’t underestimate the shade-providing magic of a hat.

Personal fans

Operation Evaporation

Get one of those fans that you always find at amusement parks. Yes, they might seem superficial, but yes they definitely work. Putting air on your sweaty body will encourage the sweat to evaporate faster—and so will the cool spray.

Water bottle

Water, Water, Everywhere

The more you stay hydrated, the less you’ll sweat. This is because the water in your body will help regulate your body temperature and stop you from overheating, aka sweating profusely. If you drink nice, cold water once you start sweating this will also help. Invest in a thermos bottle to keep your water cool to bring out during your times of need, or go full sweating apocalypse mode and stylish reusable water bottle for the road to work. Another, great way to cool down and stop sweating is to take cooling down literally and get some instant cold packs. Trust me, people do weirder things on public transportation, you’ll be fine.

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