Wingardium Leviosa into the season.

At this point, Harry Potter is a CLASSIC Halloween costume and a classic for a reason. Besides the fact that you get to have a wand and point it at people, you are emulating the most famed wizard of all fictional time. Get ready to get into Gryffindor and then some with this DIY Halloween costume!

What you need

What to do


  • Plug in hot glue gun to heat up
  • Take your dull pencil with the eraser side up and start slowly adding hot glue to the surface, allowing time for the glue to dry. Only add glue to half of the pencil, leaving the dull side of the pencil with no glue
  • Repeat this process until you have something that resembles a wand
  • Once the glue is completely try (20-30min), paint pencil with brown craft paint


  • Lie red tie down on a flat surface
  • Use masking tape to tape stripes
  • With yellow craft paint, paint on red tie
  • Let dry (1-2 hours)


Using black or brown pipe cleaners, and 3-4 strands, shape into glasses


  • Using sticky felt and a reference image, draw out shapes on back of sticky felt
  • Cut shapes out
  • Stick to Halloween cloak


Take your Halloween decoration broom and Washi tape to tape off color blocks

Complete the look with a halloween costume black cloak, and any black dress or outfit.

Images by: Emily Kinsolving

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