Everything else has to be clean, why not sleep?

In the effort to achieve maximum wellness, sleep is a crucial component. While there are tons of tips and tricks out there, the real key to clean sleep is just to get as much sleep as your body needs. To do that, you need to make some lifestyle adjustments and accommodations.

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First, don’t drink coffee after 2 p.m.

And don’t exceed two cups for the day, either. Are you feeling sluggish in the afternoons? Consider natural supplements. And after a while, your body will be on such a good sleep schedule that you won’t need that coffee boost after all.

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Exercise, and do it in the morning.

Go for a brisk walk. Do some yoga. Lift weights. Anything to get your heart rate up. That’ll leave you energized for the day and suitably sleepy when it comes to bedtime. And we don’t need to tell you, exercise is just so good for you. It makes your body and your soul feel great.


Get an alarm clock.

Leave your phone in another room when you go to sleep and get an alarm clock. It’s too tempting to make your phone the last thing you check before bed and the first thing you pick up when you wake. The blue light from your phone, too, simulates daylight and that’s just one more subtle way your sleep is being disturbed all night. So invest in one of those alarm clocks that mimics the light of the sun. You never want to be disrupted from sleep; the idea here is to get your body in a rhythm so you wake up naturally.


Make your bedroom a beautiful sleep oasis.

Ditch the TV. Forget cookies in bed. This is a place for sleep and you want your room to vibe SLEEP so hard that just walking in there makes you sleepy. This is the funnest part of clean sleep: Splurge on spectacular sheets. Invest in a wonderful pillow. Luxurious blankets. Make your bedroom so cozy, so beautiful and so irresistible you’ll be excited to go to bed. Keep it tidy, with very few things on your bedside table.

Get at least eight hours of sleep.

To get your full eight hours, go to bed about nine hours before you want to wake up. Give yourself plenty of time to relax into sleep so that by the time sleep comes, you’ve got at least eight hours of rest. Make sleep a nightly pleasure. Clean sleep is happy sleep.

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