Your best friend next to a cup of cold brew.

With the weather finally turning around, everyone can’t wait to run outside and play. Especially our pets. As a dog-less New Yorker, this means the opportunity to awe at passing pups and if I’m feeling bold, shyly ask their owners if I’m allowed to pet them. It’s a great time of year for my breed – a chance to see a bit of the future we’re all hoping for – the day we too can own a furry friend and have a bit more space than our current shoebox apartments. So, help us dog-less New Yorkers out. Grab your leash, clean up bags, treats, and most importantly your furry friend, and get out there.

As a city pup, options may seem limited, but “human’s best friends” have several places to spend their summer days besides at home.


If you’re a member of your weekend brunch club, many restaurants with outdoor seating will allow your furry friend to accompany you at the table. When you’re already calling to schedule your reservation (we all know online reservation apps don’t always show every open table), confirm that dogs are welcome on their patio. Just think how cute your furry friend will look in your original #avocadotoast post.

Dog Parks

Cities are filled with parks – specifically dog parks. Not only were these spaces built for your dogs to run free, they’re great places for giving your dog some additional social interaction and meeting other dog-owners. While your dogs are off saying hello in their unusual way, take this time to meet other pet owners to share tips on more places to take their dogs, food and treats, vets, and groomers. You’ll not only leave being a more informed dog owner, but both you and your dog will walk away with new friendships too!

Rachael Ray


Still sticking to your New Years fitness resolution? Take it outside with your pup, and get those steps logged on your fitness tracker. Check online for a dog friendly hiking path or public beach, and don’t forget snacks and water for both you and your pup.

Have a Photoshoot

Pet Instagrams are trending and it’s time to show your little Fido to the world. Find a bench, a stoop, a mural, anywhere because with the natural lighting, it’s the perfect time to document the fun times you’ve had not on your couch. But don’t forget to feed the model – always stash some treats to say thank you to your pup for bringing you social media fame.


If all else fails, and nothing sounds appealing, just grab a leash and go. Cities are filled with new and exciting things to see in the summer. Take your time exploring different streets, window shopping, and resting every now and then to get in some good belly rub time. Don’t worry about impressing your pup by taking them to the perfect spot, your dog is just happy to be outdoors and spending time with you.

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