No three hour lines for two hour open bars.

New Year’s Eve partying in the bars and streets can be fun, but you’ve been there a hundred times! Stay home this year and save yourself some money and anxiety. 

Not sure what exactly to do on a stay-at-home New Year’s Eve? Here are a few ideas.

Throw pillow

Sleep. Hard.

Clean sleep. It’s all the rage. (Thank, Gwyneth.) So what better way to step into 2018 than by making your bedroom a hardcore sleep oasis? Devote Dec. 31 to totally overhauling your sleep space.

First, start with sheets. Go for Egyptian or pima cotton for max softness and durability. Make sure they’re a color, print, or pattern that you absolutely love, too. Try to get something that makes you so happy you think, “I never knew sheets could make me so happy.” (They can!) Follow up with a duvet and throw pillows that complement the set and make you feel like you live in a Nancy Meyers movie.

Next, invest in one of those dawn simulators. Alarm clocks disrupt the natural cycle of your sleep, making you feel groggy and unrested. A dawn simulator gently coaxes you out of sleep in a way that works with your rhythm. That way you don’t wake up in the middle of some intense REM.

Finally, get some exercise today — go take a spin class and enjoy how few people are there the day before the entire world kicks up their exercise resolutions — and drink some hot tea after dinner. This is literally the opposite of what everyone else is doing tonight, and you’re going to love yourself for it on the first day of the new year.


Cook something new 

Use this special occasion to cook a recipe you’ve never made before. Open up Mother Julia’s cookbook  —you know, the one collecting dust on your shelf–and pick the most delicious and ambitious recipe on the list. Then give yourself all day to make it for yourself or a few friends. Have fun decorating the table, too, with a nice serving dish and fun table decor. If the dish turns out terrible, takeout will treat you just fine.


Record a podcast

It’s part of the experience of listening to and loving podcasts. At some point you’re bound to think, “You know what? I could do this.” What do you love? What are you obsessed with? What do you find yourself wanting to talk about the most? Now set up a microphone and just talk. See where it goes. You can always edit it later.


Hold a salon

This is just another kind of party, I know. But this party-with-a-purpose can be exciting and different because you’re challenging your guests to be vulnerable. Require your friends to bring a piece of art or writing they’re working on. Create a safe space for creativity and conversation. Set parameters. Suggest a moratorium on political talk, for example, or call off all conversations about “Game of Thrones” or “This Is Us.” Set up an easel and encourage your guests to draw or doodle or write down their thoughts.

Don’t feel bad about getting cozy with a hot toddy and a super-soft blanket  and binge-watching “The Deuce.” Enjoy not putting pressure on yourself. It’s just a night like any other.

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