Who doesn't want to make babies happy?

1 in 3 low-income families struggle with diaper need — this is what we call the diaper gap. Sadly, there are a lot of parents out there that this affects on a daily basis. Add a natural disaster (like the horrible and devastating Hurricane Harvey), and an unimaginable situation develops that leaves low-income families in tragic conditions.

The JetCares Give a Pack Program allows customers to support nonprofits to purchase diapers and other baby needs for these families. Why diapers? Well, unlike food and health insurance, there’s no federal assistance to help purchase them. And since everyone wants to keep their baby clean, dry and healthy, we want to help be a driving force to close this aforementioned diaper gap.

Without access to bulk-buying options, low-income families in America end up spending twice as much on diapers, and that sucks. Diapers go fast so having low cost solutions are key for parents.

To address this gap, nonprofits across the country are working to get diapers to families who need them, and those same nonprofits are working with Jet.com to help share that work with you. Spreading the word about the diaper gap and how we can close it as a community is help enough, but if you’d like to take that extra step here’s some information on our Give a Pack program.

  • The JetCares Give a Pack program allows customers to support enrolled nonprofit organizations by making donations to them in the form of JetCash. These donations can be used by nonprofits to purchase diapers and other select basic essentials.
  • A $35 Give a Pack donation is enough to cover a pack of 200 diapers
  • Earlier this month, we raised enough donations to provide the equivalent of nearly half a million diapers to families impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
  • To continue getting essentials to families in need, Jet.com will be matching* Give a Pack donations during Diaper Need Awareness Week, September 25 – October 1st

*Donation and match will be in the form of JetCash deposited into the selected non-profit organization accounts to use for diaper and other essential purchases on Jet, and recognized as first come, first serve on Give a Pack donations made between 12:00 AM PST on 9/25/2017 and 11:59 PM PST on 10/1/2017. Jet’s matching donation will be deposited no later than 11:59 PM PST on 10/09/2017.

Together, we can help close the diaper gap. The best of all of us come together in times of tragic circumstances like Hurricane Harvey & Irma to show our compassion and love for each other. So lets help out some cute babies while we’re at it.

Start giving back here! 

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