Who needs a backyard when you have a living room?

If you live in a one bedroom apartment with limited yard space but still want to host an awesome football party then welcome to homegating. Homegating is very similar to tailgating except with more air conditioning, couches, and less sun.

If you’ve been to enough tailgates or friends’ places to watch the game, you know that the most integral aspect of any tailgate isn’t football: it’s the food. Of course, football is fun to watch but eating delicious food and drinking cold beers while watching football is a whole lot better. So call your friends, bump some Kendrick, and try these homegating ideas to spice up your Sunday afternoons even if you can’t take the party outside.

Panini Press

Forget the Barbeque

Sure, everyone loves a perfectly cooked burger on a warm summer day, but homegating is a little different. Paper-thin burgers on untoasted buns and burnt hot dogs just don’t cut it anymore. Plus, cooking burgers inside is messy and can be tough to nail, especially when serving a large group. That’s why I suggest changing it up with some pressed sandwiches. There are so many options when it comes to paninis. You can keep it simple with grilled cheese and bacon or you can channel your inner Bobby Flay with some crazy creations. However, none of it is possible without the right equipment. I suggest the Hamilton Beach Panini Press. You can quickly whip up killer sandwiches for all your friends and avoid scraping burger gunk off your grill. The panini press’s utility goes far past Sundays too, they’re also great for making sandwiches to bring to work and can be stored vertically if you’re short of space.

Chip and dip set

Snack Time

Come halftime, chances are your paninis will be long gone and there will still be plenty of game left. Time to break out the snacks. If you’re inclined to take the easy route with a couple bags of chips at least serve them in a nice chips and dip set. Passing around a bag of chips is not an effective way to share. Serve with some guacamole or whip up these impromptu, homemade salsas to really get the party started.

Drink dispenser

Thirsty Yet?

Refreshments are a must. When it comes to drinks, variety is key. A stackable beverage dispenser means you can serve two types of drinks at the same time. Sangria and spiked Arnold Palmers are a potent duo. However, if you think your crowd will be more beer-oriented you should think about a compact refrigerator to avoid missing the action with runs to the kitchen. Whatever the case you need to keep your guests spirits high with plenty of drink options.

Football tray

Homegating Décor

No party is complete without (corny) themed paperware. Thankfully we have you covered. How else will your guest know they are at an awesome homegate without football shaped plates?

Finally, your guests are going to need somewhere to sit, because standing and watching football does not mix. If you’re living room has limited seating options why not spice it up with some .

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