Get that glow up into the fall and beyond.

It’s here. It’s that dreaded time of year when we resist looking at anything that tells us what day of the month it is because it gives us anxiety about summer officially ending. (As anyone who’s ever had an AIM profile knows – “tAnLiNes mAy fAde but tHe mEm0riEs laSt 4Ev3r.”)

Here’s one thing you don’t have to stress about – keeping your hard-earned summertime glow even after lay-out season wraps up. These products will have you feeling like a bronzed god/goddess well into when the leaves are falling. Here are the top ways to keep your tan going all the way until the holidays (maybe).


Protect that gorgeous skin

Your mom (and dermatologist) are on to something – daily SPF (even when you’re not heading to the beach) is a must-have. Even this SPF 15 Oil-Free Moisturizer from Mineral Fusion can make a difference. Put it on in the morning before you start your day – your future self with thank you.Calming Cream


Make that glow last

Want to feel pampered after you get back from a vacation or day in the sun – and make it look like your stay was extended? Mizon Vita Lemon Calming Cream Skin Tightening Moisturizing Skin Glow is infused with carbonated water from France (yep, seriously). It’s rich in minerals and purifies the skin while adding some serious nourishment that’ll make your glow last longer.

Power cream

Get in power

Another one to make you feel regal? Botanical Nutrition Power Cream. Their all-natural formula makes a royal jelly (yes, you read that correctly) infused cream gets absorbed easily while also preventing moisture loss. Win, win.

Tanning cream


Add a pinch of color

Personally, I think it’s never to early to enhance your tan. Get that just-off-the-beach look with this daily skin conditioning moisturizer, Selfie Tan’n Go Gradual Tanner. The paraben-free formula has Vitamins A & E and a unique botanical blend of Green Tea and Kola Extracts to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Plus – it smells refreshing, so you’ll smell incredible.


Night cream

Keep that skin supple

Got a special occasion in one of the colder months where you don’t feel like looking like a ghost? St. Tropez One Night Only Wash-Off Face & Body Lotion does just that – washes off after the big night. Don’t worry – the upside here is it doesn’t come with stripes or streaks.

Follow even a few of the steps above, and you’ll be sure to keep that tan going strong.


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