Your memory and bank account will thank us.

Starting a dry January and having no booze for a month is a lot more doable than you think. My guess is your journey exploring a no alcohol January is starting sometime in December right before New Year’s Eve. That’s when mine did. Basically plan out a night of debauchery and the weeks of atonement that follow. That’s just good planning right there. Well, I’m going to share some tips on how to hold steady into your dry January and how to come out the other side feeling better than awesome.


Coffee In, Alcohol Out

This is the one most people gravitate to without realizing it – a no alcohol January means one filled with coffee, and lots of it. So that means grab a Keurig, Chemex, or whatever floats your boat and stock up on diner blend coffee to power through social gatherings and late night rendezvous. You’re going to be the hip coffee drinker at night now. Think you’ll stay awake forever? You won’t. The lack of alcohol in your system will take care of your snooze cruises. When your pals are having car bombs you grab a cappuccino.


Game Nights

Going out drinking is usually a safe bet for the can’t-sit-still crowd on a Thursday or Friday night, and if you’ve got a strong constitution, be prepared to have some games handy. I don’t mean you have to lug a collectors edition of Risk everywhere during Dry January, but some smaller party games like Telestrations will do the trick. Some other top picks would be One Night Werewolf, Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples (for babies), etc.


Start a New Adventure

Books your thing? Video games? Different types of spoken word jam rock only available in Peruvian flute notes? Now’s the time to start that new adventure – start the giant book you got last Christmas that has been collecting dust and, unbeknownst to you, agitating your seasonal allergies. Bust out Aunt Ruth’s old turntable and cruise through her Summer of Love record collection. Play the Legend of Zelda and actually finish it so you can get some social media points when you brag about it on Facebook.

Special Adventure Mode

This is only for the super brave. You know that novel you’ve been meaning to write? That record you wanted to produce? That song you wanted to upload to YouTube to show Justin Bieber the only reason he catapulted was his mom, Usher, and the Ellen show and not raw talent? After the detox period of one month of no drinking you’re clearheaded and ready to take on the world. So start your project and don’t look back. This is the moment. Again – only recommended for the truly brave.

Protein powder

Hit The Gym 

If you’re like me you might have these random spurts of betterment, where you between giant chicken quesadillas decide it would be great to get back to the gym and watch what you’re eating again to feel good and get energized. Now’s the time more than ever to get on a health kick. Grab a routine, grab one of these, put some of this in it, and walk around like Rocky from Rocky III after he’s humbled by Mr. T (not before – because you’ll get your ass kicked if you do that).

No alcohol for one month won’t be the end of the world although it might seem like a huge social handicap at first. I get it – I’ve been there. I did a no alcohol month six times in a row. That’s right – six months – and I’m still here, alive, kicking, and my social life didn’t die.

It’s doable – it’ll come to your strength of will and your ability to keep chill. So hopefully the above helps. Keep chill, keep a positive attitude, and you’ll have the world on a string.

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