Or at least, as fresh as humanly possible.

 Feeling super gross after you’ve only been outside for five minutes? I feel you. How about when you’ve maxed out on the number of showers you can take in a day (3), but still need to freshen up for an important meeting later? Living in big cities is awesome, except when you’re fighting sweat every time you step outside.  Here are some tricks to stay fresh in a sticky city and cool down in the heat. 
Johnson's Baby Powder
Baby powder
Johnson’s Baby Powder ain’t just for babies. No way. It’s for full-grown adults. Just sprinkle a handful of it onto all your hot spots; armpits, in your shoes, hair, etc. Seriously, you don’t need to waste a ton of money on dry shampoo because baby powder does the same thing. You’ll feel way less sweaty in general, you’ll cool down in a flash, plus you even get to have that newborn baby smell you’ve always wanted!
Dry shampoo
Dry shampoo
Okay, I know I just said you don’t need to waste a ton of money on it, but if you DON’T want to smell like a baby, try a good dry shampoo. Throw it in your bag, spritz throughout the day. Added bonus, texture for days. Literally sometimes days. Your scalp can even stay cool in the heat. 
Old Spice
Deodorant (duh)
But not just any kind of deodorant. EXTRA STRENGTH deodorant, like Secret’s Outlast Xtend or Old Spice High Endurance When it comes to deodorant, I don’t see gender, get either men’s or women’s. Whatever works, works. You want that stuff to last all day. Key words to look for: “Extra Strength,” “Extended Wear,” and “You Smell.”
Body mist
Facial mist
Okay, so maybe you aren’t feeling completely disgusting, but you need a quick pick-me-up  to stay cool since you don’t have time to go home to shower before your Tinder date. In this case, a  nice spritz to the face can go a long way. Try spraying Hugo Naturals Mist on your face, body, or hair for a refreshing, natural smell that won’t leave your date passed out after one hug.
Water bottle
Drink water

The best way to stop sweating so much is to replace your sweat with water. I think that’s true, because I read it online somewhere. But it makes sense!  It can be hard to stay cool and hydrated in a busy city without spending $2 here and there for bottled water. Instead, pick up an insulated, lightweight Polar Bottle to carry all of your refreshing drinks in. Throw that guy into your backpack for later, and then refill it at the next Chipotle when you can.

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