From your Work Birks to Werk Birks.

I, Sophia Kravets, have a confession. I am a lover of all things Birkenstock and I don’t care who knows it!

My Birk love goes back to elementary school days when I would stylishly rep a pair of Birkenstocks clogs on the playground. As I have aged, so have my taste in the clogs (thankfully). Options have only grown, which makes it a bit harder to choose! With sandals taking over during the hot months, Birks are the only way to go (and yeah, I have a pet name for my sandals).

Once you put some Birkenstocks on your feet, you never go back. I consistently have at least two pairs of Birks in my closet at all times, and they have become a staple during the warmer months. Branded with comfort, I know I’m always going to feel great when I have them on, no matter the occurrence. With the simplicity of a slip-on shoe but the styling of a Coachella attendee, you’ll look ready to take on any event. Prepare yourselves as I take you on a Birken-journey for the stylish.


From work flow and daytime outfit

As much as I love my true-blue jeans, embroidered denim is the jean of the future. Adding Birkenstocks to this outfit, along with a jean jacket or a vibrant shirt will give you that “I just woke up and didn’t-even-try but still look cute” look.


For the Brunch Outfit

THE best outfit of the week. When I sit and sip my freshly squeezed orange juice outside on a patio, I want the world to know my brunch game is strong, through my outfit. Having a great jumpsuit allows you to pair any accessories and look trendy. The days of having to pair blouses and bottoms are over. Throw this on with a pair of cute, but simple, Birkenstocks that will have your crew jealous.


For that Night Outfit 

Silver, chrome, or however you want to refer to these beauties, will draw all the eyes in your direction. These Birkenstocks are no joke, you are given a supremacy when you put them on, and you must be ready to handle the power. Strut your stuff with a simple slip-dress, it’s elegant yet doesn’t take away from your Super-Birks.


For the Comfy-chic

Leggings and Birks can get you very far in life. Go on an adventure with nothing but comfort cradling you in the form of a shoe. For lazy Sundays, quick bodega trips, or even a nice walk around your neighborhood, pair these Birks with your comfiest of outfits.

How are you going to style your Birkenstocks this summer?

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