Ignore that inbox. You'll thank us later.

You wake up late on a rainy Sunday, perhaps a bit (ahem) dehydrated from the night before. Yawn, stretch, coffee. I would say you have about, oh, 3-5 hours before your palm start to sweat and you begin worrying about your inbox. This is what’s known among us millennials as The Sunday Scaries. When I was 22, Sundays were usually for working the brunch shift then feeling lonely in record stores (I didn’t own a record player). My biggest worry was if I was eating too much pizza. Now my worries involve a lot of corporate acronyms, making sure I’m adult enough to throw out ripped stockings, and a never ending pile of words that need to appear on a screen.

It can be tempting to get started early on work for the coming week, but you do NOT have to live that life! I’ve developed a few Sunday steps over the years for avoid the dreaded scaries and make the most of an actual weekend day.

Become a human burrito

The whole hygge trend is real, but coziness has been around since Lindsay Lohan was confused about her life path. Getting physically comfortable can calm you down, and that starts with the softness blanket of all time. Wrap yourself in a really REALLY big blanket (maybe try to get your cat to snuggle or get a real live human), and you’re on your way to feeling slightly less terrified.

Breathe in

My relationship with yoga is pretty off/on, and I still weird about saying that I “practice” it. I go to yoga, I dabble I guess. I can’t do a handstand really, even up the wall. But taking some time to be still and focus on your body can get your mind off stress, whether it’s in a class or in front of tour laptop. Hell, even do child’s pose for 10 minutes. Maybe you’ll end up in accidental nap pose. 

Write some stuff

I’m not really that person who will tell someone to “journal it out,” but there IS something satisfying about putting pen to actual paper. Sometimes stream of consciousness nonsense can clear your head and let you work out some stuff, or even listing five things that you’re grateful for. Or write what snacks you want to eat. That can’t be bad.

Something to sip on 

I’m a big fan of the Sunday afternoon cocktail situation – an Aperol spritz is pretty delicious if you’re feeling fancy (that’s a mix of Aperol, Prosecco, soda water, and an orange slice). If it’s drizzly out or you want something like an earthy matcha latte or just your go-to Lacroix in a wineglass. 

Get in the tub

And lastly, it wouldn’t be a relaxing Sunday without some beauty nonsense. If you haven’t gotten on the bath bomb train (that’d be cool, no?), this one smells like a vanilla cupcake. Paired that with a calming sheet mask, a grapefruit scented candle, and a good book. Monday will be a breeze.

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