Old school laser background? Yeah, we did.

We’ve all had those awkward high school memories we wish we could leave behind. Me? Well, I wore a pretty aggressive back brace for seven years so….that’s mine. (Although I did make the most of it by cover it with Lisa Frank stickers. We recreated the most awkward high school photo background, and grabbed a bunch of non-awkward adults. Then we made them share an awkward story, and what lifesaving product they wish they had. Share your awkward moments with us so we know we’re not alone!

We shot this very #tbt photoshoot with a FujiX-T2. Stay tuned for more info on why this camera is amazing, and why you should add it to your very adult, very non-awkward holiday gift list.




Little high school Lincoln was in dire need of a dependable razor. Many were the days I would wake up early to shave my fledgling stubble, only to nick myself on a shoddy disposable blade and spend the rest of my morning frantically blotting at the cut. And then there are the times I had to shave his legs for swim team. *shudders* I’ve since learned to let my scruff grow out (and vowed to never again shave my legs for as long as I live). But when I do trim my beard, I’m happy to have found a razor I can trust.




School photo day was easily my least favorite day of the entire year. No matter how hard I tried, I was always the kid whose outfit was clearly picked out by their parent. I would wake up prepared to win the battle against my mom but in reality I would walk out of the house in my cardigan, matching headband and a set of pearls. I would have given anything to have a cool leather jacket at the time that I could have thrown on seconds before the photo. Seeing my mother’s reaction when the photos arrived in the mail would have been so sweet.




First of all, I wish someone had told me that chopping my hair twice in high school was a bad idea because frizz is something that is unstoppable in humid classrooms. Second, with my dedication towards the bob, before it became cool, I wish someone could have advised me on the CHI straightener. Due to my intense frizz, I became the braid queen so I could suppress the do. If only I learned how to properly straighten my hair.




In my attempt to “fit in” my freshman year, I succumbed to the trend of using a small tote instead of a backpack. With my undersized accessory, I then had to carry everything else in my hands. This included my lunch, my extra notebooks and papers that would not fit in my tote, my soccer bag, AND my saxophone. I quickly realized the necessity of an appropriately sized backpack when I tripped on the stairs in front of a group of older boys and dropped ALL of my items, squished my lunch, and learned a new level of embarrassment.




So it was the first day of school and I wanted to look my best. Like most high school students, I wanted to look my best. I purchased new jeans and thought I looked amazing. I wore it to school and had a great day until the end of the day, when someone pointed out the brand sizing label running down the back of my pants leg. I was so embarrassed and wish I had a full length mirror so I could check for things like that.




So, this one moment always come to mind when thinking about awkward high school moments. I was in my English class having a conversation with my teacher about food, we started talking about food from 5 guys the burger place. I mentioned to her, yeah, I really liked the Caucasian fries…. She just looked at me, I was like what? She said what are Caucasian fries? I said the fries with like to spicy seasoning, she starts cracking up and says Ric, it’s Cajun fries. So that was a pretty awkward moment where I wished I had Cajun seasoning in my cabinet growing up or was a bit more familiar with a cook book.



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Photo Studio: Chris Ritter/Emily Kinsolving 

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