The rumors are true.

Alright, you got us. The rumors are true. in all its purple glory is launching a digital brand of all of your favorite everyday (and special day) products.

Maybe you’re here because you read Fortune. Or The Wall Street Journal. Or Time. Business Insider maybe? Either way, we’re glad you’re here. The buzz is real and we can’t wait to share Uniquely J with you. We wouldn’t necessarily call it “ groceries” because it’s so much more than that.’s digital brand is so us. And so you.

What is Uniquely J? We can’t tell you everything. Yet. What we CAN say is it will take the guesswork out of all those “what should I buy” questions. And it’s NOT just groceries. For once, you’ll be able to get the coffee that tastes like it came from the good coffee shop (you know what we mean), cleaning products that clean well and look good on a shelf, plus more — all without that heartstopping pricetag. The packaging looks pretty great too.

Want to be the first to know the details? Visit and sign up to be the first to know the moment we launch! Get ready to fill your cart with Uniquely J.

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