And yeah, I might have cried in front of her.

When I was 15, I thought I “needed” a nosejob. I saw girls with tiny button Disney princess noses and thought that it was all that stood between me and stunning  model beauty (I’m 5’2″). I wanted to look like every other cute brunette I saw, instead of really looking at myself and appreciating the cuteness that very much already existed. I cried a lot about my nose, probably across from my mother at the dinner table over tacos on Tuesdays and Pizza Fridays.

One night, she gave me Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty, this gorgeous book full of teenage girls smiling with little to no makeup. There were so many different kinds of girls, and they were all so pretty. I remember it being the first time thinking “oh, maybe I’m actually pretty just the way I am.”

As part of the ongoing Jet x Story partnership, Bobbi Brown spoke about what it’s like to feel beautiful naturally from the inside out. It was so refreshing to hear a makeup expert (and icon) talk about beauty in a way that doesn’t involve the perfect contour and 27 products. In an Insta-famous time where everyone is scrambling to get the boldest brows or the MOST on-point highlighter, it’s nice to remember that we have color and shimmer on our faces naturally. “You want to find the perfect blush? Pinch your cheeks. The perfect lipstick? Bite your lip. There is already really beautiful color that you were born with,” she said. To start noticing and appreciating that is really beautiful. She did share a few good beauty tips, too.

Drink water

If I left with one true takeaway, it was that water is a non-question. “Diet Coke is not water, iced tea is not water, water is water,” Bobbi said. When she wakes up in the morning, she drinks two glasses immediately. “I don’t enjoy it, I just do it.” She will sometimes add lemon, or “green stuff,” which I can only guess is something like this. I wanted to ask if La Croix counted, but I’m just kind of deciding it does.

Take your vitamins

“I love a gummy,” she said. Bobbi talked about how everyone is deficient in magnesium and Vitamin D, and she takes supplements in the morning AND at night. “If I don’t take them then, I will have bottles jangling around in my bag,” she said. “SmartyPants are my favorite.” Mine too – especially these and these. You heard it here first – Bobbi loves a gummy.

Find inspiration when you need it

I have found inspiration from Bobbi since I was a teen who was bummed that A)I was clearly only ever going to be a B cup, and B) my mom told me I couldn’t wear mascara because I would “poke my eye out.” So I embraced what I had, with help from her tips. I drank water, I ate healthy, and I was maybe a little too into bronzer for a while. Either way, Bobbi is still here for me with Beauty From the Inside Out. Because when we do things to make us feel good, we look good, too.

It’s how you feel you look

If anything made me tear up, it was listening to Bobbi talk about confidence. “All confidence is is being comfortable in your own skin,” she said. “All that matters is how you feel about how you look. There are conventionally gorgeous women who look in the mirror and hate what they see. That’s not good. All that matters is that you like what you see when you look in the mirror.”

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