And a big cheers to that!

Summer is the perfect time to meet with friends or co-workers at a local bar to grab a drink. There is nothing better than sitting outside with a glass of sangria, but the madness has to stop. Don’t get me wrong, I am the first person to sign up for a lovely outing to get a craft cocktail. But eventually, all the fancy drinks start to add up. Paying that Tri-state area rent while trying to save for a puppy that no one will buy me leaves little room in the budget for a $15 gin drink with a floating edible flower.

In discovering that the weekly happy hour at a bar wasn’t really the right move for me, I decided to step up my at-home cocktail game. I have truly become a wizard when it comes to mixing up some delicious drinks in the comfort of my own home. Aside from saving money, I have realized that it is so nice to have friends or family over and not have to worry about crowds, lines, or bartenders who ignore me.

Before whipping up an at-home adult beverage, you need to make sure that you are equipped with the proper bar essentials. I have discovered that giving my home bar seasonal sprucing makes for an even more enjoyable experience. In prepping for the warm weather, I showed my bar some love by adding these summer inspired must-haves.

Crushing on pineapple?

I feel like these don’t even need an explanation. Who wouldn’t want to sip their fresh summer drink from a gold pineapple? Not only are these pineapple glasses amazing for drinking but they can also be used as a bar decoration when not in use (besides being the perfect Instagram opportunity).

Its in the mix 

I always make sure to update my mixers based on the season. Summer definitely calls for fresh fruity flavors, so I like to make sure I have good options. An orange-based bitters gives a refreshing twist, or a classic Cosmo mixer with a splash of pomegranate gives an old favorite something new.

Pop, fizz, cheers!

It is good to always check the quality of your current wine opener. Mine was looking a little rusty after a long winter with a few snowstorms so I upgraded to a hip automatic wine opener that makes opening a fresh bottle of Rose pretty easy.

With a twist

The garnish can make or break your handcrafted drink. I make sure to stock my bar with fresh seasonal fruit. It is fun to play around and test out different recipes. Adding fruit is also a great way to avoid having to use a bunch of sugar, which ultimately leads to evil hangovers.

Ice, ice baby

No one wants a warm beverage when its 90 degrees outside. I tend to step up my ice game during the summer months. Instead of grabbing cubes straight from the fridge, I opt for a fancy ice mold that keeps your cocktail cool and delicious.

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