If Alice in Wonderland was really into produce.

Think Charlotte Olympia kitten fruit-inspired flats. Dinnerware etched with the best kind of obscenity (Eat Your F$@*&ing Veggies, in case you’re wondering). Candies in the shape of bananas, and actual bananas right next to them.  A fridge overflowing with color-blocked produce. The floor is grass and the wall is painted with summer recipes. Let’s call it summer in a store, or if Alice in Wonderland was really into produce.

For the next six weeks, Jet has teamed up with the ever-changing NYC concept store Story to celebrate the beauty of freshness, the first-ever Story focused on food!  Awesome influencers like Mario Batali, Bobbi Brown, and more will join us in sharing what fresh means to them and their worlds – so stay tuned to see what we have in store.

We sat down with Story Founder Rachel Shechtman to talk a little about the story of Story, and what freshness means to her and the team.

 What is Story’s process in curating a theme? 

We start with merchandising the theme – it’s really not dissimilar from someone writing an article in a magazine. They’re going to express their editorial point of view, and have a spin and voice, and so we think about editorial content in the same way just applied to merchandise. Instead of saying “fruits are a trend of the season, and fruits and citrus and watermelon are everywhere,” we’re going to show you that with watermelon-shaped bowls or citrus candies. It’s the “show” side of Show and Tell.

How do you decide on this theme?

The way we came up with Fresh Story injects breadth and depth of offering in terms of grocery and all the innovation surrounding being able to get fresh groceries on Jet – we loved the fact that Jet doesn’t use refrigerated trucks, and the fact that being ecologically-aware is a priority for Jet, how can we editorialize it and bring it to consumers in a cool, beautiful way?

I’ve heard your team does a thing called Pitch Night.  

Yes! Story is such a unique concept, and we have the opportunity to bring big businesses and small businesses together. We love bringing small businesses and brands that we personally love to bigger brands that can help them thrive. Pitch Night is when people can come and pitch their brand to us in a supportive setting. More and more people use Story as a trade show meets a press release, so when you see the narrative instore, you see a magazine-like set up with editors, and bios, and products informed by the theme. This month for Fresh, the Letter from the Editor is written like a menu. The signage is inspired by a recipe card. The stories about all the brands are told on a grocery receipt.

How do you curate your team?

People who work here are called “storytellers.” We have one team member who has never lasted more than a year at any other job because she gets bored so easily, she was here for four years. When you’re doing something that’s never been done before, it might take a bit longer to find the fit. It’s a different way to talk about whatever we want to talk about. I could go on Jet and get tomato and basil and mozzarella, and so I’m having a fresh experience that way, but then I’m using the new GE pizza oven to make it – it’s a multi-sensory experience.

You and your sister grew up in the food world, so you must have a special passion for this story.

 We did grow up in the food world. Our mom trained with Giorgio and Joel when they started Dean & Deluca, and when I was 2, she opened a gourmet food store. So we grew up around food all the time. This is actually the first story we have ever done surrounding food, and we were just waiting for the right opportunity and partner. Jet was the perfect match for fresh.

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