And some adult ones too.

With LEGO celebrating their 60th anniversary, it’s hard to not think back on personal connections with everyone’s favorite building blocks. The sets have become more sophisticated these days, but generations of kids can all relate to the creative fun that came from putting your toys together, brick by brick.

In particular, the set that stands out in my memory was a Clone Starship from the second Star Wars movie (clearly, I was one of the cool kids in 2002). Updated feelings on that movie aside, I still remember being over the moon excited to open that box on Christmas morning and immediately get to work on building.

It was over 1,000 pieces, and to that point one of the most detailed creations that my younger brother and I had ever put together. My grandmother told us we should look into engineering, but alas, a journalism degree just seemed more appealing when that time finally came.

With 60 years of bricks to build off of, I asked the Jet team to share some of their favorite LEGO memories, and employees of all ages had stories abound!


Some recounted the toy stories of their youth…

“When I was super young, my sister and I used to build VCR players out of LEGO’s using a tic tac box as the VHS tape. Our imaginations were at their best and we watched many-a-fake movie out of our LEGO creations.” – Nick West

“At my pre-school, LEGOs were basically gold. If you weren’t careful, your best friend would backstab you and steal from your LEGO city. Think Game of Thrones… but with 4-year-olds.” – Sarah McMillian

“LEGO to me means curiosity. You could follow the book or go on your own. As a kid, anytime my LEGO’s broke I could put them back together or it would inspire a new use for the pieces. I think that was one of the most valuable lessons I ever learned…and I learned it from a plastic brick.” – Sam Rowland


…while some have passed the tradition down…

“I have an addicted 5-year old at home that only requests LEGO sets from Santa (seriously all LEGOs). He loves LEGO City especially… police are his favorite, so he always requests those sets.” – Mark Walters

“My mom saved all my LEGOs from when I was a kid and gave them to my son about a year ago. He’s a LEGO nut – and pretty crafty too. He even built a LEGO chess set with all the people!” – Rich Popola


…and others keep the building going

“I was more into Polly Pocket as a kid (shoutout to the one with the magnetic ice skating rink!), but my boyfriend loved them. Every time we go to his mom’s house, she asks him to please take all his Lego’s out from the attic, and then he conveniently forgets when we leave. But a few years ago, I decided to buy him a bunch of Star Trek LEGOs, and there’s basically nothing more endearing than watching a dude’s face after he unwraps a bunch of Star Trek LEGOs. I don’t think he spoke to me for the next four hours because he was so busy building them all.” – Lyz Mancini

“I still get LEGOs for my birthday each year! The LEGO Architecture series has allowed me to keep playing with LEGOs while still feeling like a grown up, but when I was younger, I loved Bionicles.” – Eitan Rothman

As a part of LEGO’s 60th Anniversary celebration, Jet will also be offering four exclusive LEGO Time Capsule sets, aimed to capture the best of LEGO past and present. These vintage LEGO sets will take you all the way back to 1958, whether you’re looking for a personal nostalgia trip or to pass the fun down to a new generation.

And as always, we’d love to hear your own LEGO memories in the comments below!

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