Yep, even that burrito.

 Lipstick is way more than just color for your lips. It’s a statement. It’s flare. It matches moods, outfits, and seasons. And most importantly, it needs to stay on your face when you want to look cute but you also want to also eat a lot. Here are some of my favorite recommendations for when you’re trying to sexily shove a sloppy/ burger down your throat.
Stila lipstick
Stila’s Stay All-Day Liquid Lip Color will stay on your lips until the next day. It’s creamy matte-full coverage will stain your lips for over six hours. That’s enough time to crush at LEAST two meals out of the day.
Revlon’s Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick is another steady choice. Not only is it tough as nails and stays on all day, but it’s velvet-soft formula makes them super soft.
Rock Maybelline’s SuperStay 2-Step Lip Color all day. It’s infused with micro-flex technology for no flaking, caking, or drying. It won’t come off during your makeout session, but let’s be honest. It stays on for food, and that’s the real priority here.
Everyone needs some MAC Lipstick in their makeup bag at one point or another. It’s hands-down one of the best products around. It’s bold, beautiful, and hella classy. BONUS: You can brag about wearing it because everyone knows MAC is an amazing makeup brand. WARNING: You will never want to share it.
Burt's Bees
Now this little baby is one of my favorites. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm mixes natural colors with tiny little tingles on your lips. You can actually FEEL it hydrating. This is a daily must-have because it leaves your lips looking and feeling fantastic all day long.
Looking to shell out some cash for lipstick that is 100% worth every penny? Get ready to become a Christian Dior Lipstick Addict.  This lipstick leaves your lips supple, smooth and plump. It also helps to moisturize and nourish, leaving your lips feeling extra yummy. Get ready for some serious compliments even after you down your six tacos. What? They were small! (And delicious.)

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