Because puppy snacks are pretty adorable.

Snacks are the best. Literally right now, it is 11am and I am eating a snack. Goldfish crackers. Sometimes being a human is great. Being a dog is probably pretty great too, although they don’t get to eat tacos. When I think about it actually, a dog’s life food-wise can be pretty boring. They just chow down a bowl of the same stuff once or twice a day and they’re still insanely happy – even without things like popcorn and cheese platters. Lucky for THEM, there are a bunch of really great snack options for them that taste great and are healthy.

Whether you’re looking to reward your dog for a walk well done, a yummy spot to hide their medicine, or just because you love them, here are some delicious treats from Greenies for your Fluffy (or Fido, or Sandwiches…whatever his/her name is).

Greenies snacks

Greenies Dental Chews

Dental Chews fight plaque and tartar buildup, all while freshening your dog’s breath. Katie Finnegan loves giving her dog Gormley Greenies Dental Chews because she “wants Gorms to live as long as possible.” “I haven’t tried them myself, but they seem like they taste amazing. Greenies is such a trusted brand. I don’t have to spend hours researching. I give them to her every day. She gets the wiggles with anticipation!”

Pill pockets

Greenies Pill Pockets

Sure, covering your dog’s medication with peanut butter is probably delicious, but not the healthiest choice in the world. Greenies Pill Pockets (while being fun to say), are a deliciously sneaky way to get the job done while keeping them happy. “They are amazing. It saves me hours of trying to convince her to eat meds or something she isn’t interested in,” Katie says.

Greenies naturals

Greenies Grain Free

Looking for a more natural, lowfat option in dog snacks? Greenies Grain Free Treats are made with chickpeas and potatoes, and are equally as delicious. Peter Cross feeds his dogs Hank and Lela Greenies, and has definitely seen a difference in their dental health. “They both enjoy naps on the bed, so having good breath is pretty important,” he says.

Greenies Blueberry

Greenies Dental Chews in Blueberry

You can even switch up the flavor of their treats too with Greenies Dental Chews in Blueberry!

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