Allswell for the win, and for the bedroom upgrade.

There must be something about turning 30 where you just start caring about the quality of your bed more. It seems like the exact moment I had been on this earth for thirty years, my body said “you deserve the best things to sleep on and in.” And it’s true— you spend a huge portion of your life sleeping, or living your cozy life in your bed. Why would you not choose the very best to give you the best sleep, and to increase your quality of life because you’re sleeping better?

So whether your ideal Friday night is a movie and a facemask, or you’re still flopping into that bed at 3am, treat yourself to a good night’s sleep always. Allswell encapsulates this very philosophy, that you can have the bed situation of your dreams with ease. We chatted with Arlyn Davich, the woman behind the newest mattress and bedding brand out there, about how to create the best sleeping situation for you.

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What is the mission of Allswell?

At Allswell we believe that the traditional rules of home and homemaking are and should be a thing of the past. Want to eat on your “good china” on a casual Tuesday? Don’t want to ever own china? Do you. The modern home reflect modern values, which are personal by definition. We aspire to making it easy for people to live their values at home. We decided to start in the bedroom where every day begins and ends.

What are some key elements of the Allswell mattress that sets it apart from others?

The Allswell mattresses were developed to rival the most premium specialty store mattresses. It’s so luxe that many who try it can’t believe it ever fit in a box. Some of the best benefits include:

  • 12 inches tall: We don’t skimp on materials; our mattresses measure a full 12 inches tall
  • Built-in plush topper: Both of our mattresses feature a built-in plush topper that provides premium softness to our Softer and Firmer options
  • Cool Factor: Our mattresses are encased in a specially woven fabric designed to feel cool to the touch.
  • Two support options: We offer two comfort options – one a little softer, and one a little firmer.
  • Natural ingredients: No chemical deodorizers here; we leverage natural ingredients such as plant derived oils.

What do you hope people take away from their experiences with Allswell?

I hope people will be surprised at how easy it is to upgrade their sleep. Sleep is the third pillar of wellness but few people invest in it like they do in food and exercise. We’ve developed two options that we love – The Softer One and The Firmer One – so you can upgrade every room in your home. And with Allswell bedding, you can mix and match to meet your personal style or choose one of our designer-curated looks.

What are 5 home items you think are worth investing in?

  • Wallpaper (it can change a room in minutes)
  • Pajamas
  • A cozy throw blanket (or 3)
  • A quality mattress. I truly believe that a good night’s sleep is worth investing in.
  • Bedding layers (hint hint: Allswell coverlets/blankets come in multiple weights depending on how hot you sleep).

 How does your ideal bedroom make you feel?

Like it’s set up exactly for your wants and needs, not for some arbitrary notion of style. I want to feel at home, and not in a showroom.

What is a home tip or trick that someone might not know?

Want the look of wallpaper without the commitment? I recently installed a vinyl adhesive wall mural from a company called Anewall. It looks exactly like wallpaper but can be taken down at any time without ruining the paint.

What is the best way to spend a Saturday?

In my opinion, every day should start with iced coffee. From there, something outside that includes a good sweat (tennis maybe?), some window shopping around the city, a massage, a cocktail, and then a good dinner with friends.

Where does the name Allswell come from?

Allswell is a philosophy for how to lead a life well lived. It is a feeling of inner calm and joy – experienced both through grounded perspective and gratitude during the tough times and appreciation of the perfect moments when the stars align and all feels right in the world.

Who are other female entrepreneurs you find inspiring?

I am super inspired by Joy Mangano’s story of creativity and persistence. I love AWAY luggage and the brand that their two female founders have created. And obviously, OPRAH.

What is a helpful piece of advice for someone looking to create a home they really love?

Start with a time map of how much time you spend doing different things at home over the course of an average month. Then, dig into the big buckets: if you cook every night, what kitchen tools would make cooking more enjoyable? If you’re a big TV person, what would make TV time more enjoyable? Of course, we all spend a fair amount of time sleeping, but I digress…

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