We've got your new favorite everything.

It’s finally here. You may have read about it here. Or maybe here. Or maybe, just for the heck of it, you came across it here. But reading about something is one thing. Meeting it is so much more.

And it’s time to meet Uniquely J.

What is Uniquely J?

It’s Jet.com’s brand of everyday products. (Coffee, food storage bags, that kind of stuff.)

Why is Uniquely J?

Wow. That’s deep. Well, we looked around and saw a lot consumers making tradeoffs — having to choose between quality, style, and price — and we thought, “Meh. We can do better.”

What are the products?

USDA organic and Fair Trade Certified coffees and espressos. Amazing oils and sauces, many of which are organic or non-GMO or both. Plus food storage bags and paper products that do their jobs without falling apart. We’re launching with a whole range of items in these and other categories with many more coming in the future.

What makes it unique?

It’s unique because our products have the qualities our customers want in products. Is our coffee organic? Heck yeah, it is. Are our cleaning products made from plant-based ingredients? It’s funny that you’d ask such a specific question but, yes, they are. We took the everyday and gave it an upgrade.

How did you make it unique?

With an insane commitment to perfecting every single little freaking aspect of every single product. I’m sure the guy that sourced our coffees can tell stories about sampling so much product it left him twitching in a corner, or the person who found our sandwich bags could show us the callouses she got on her fingers from testing zipper seals. People were willing to go to extremes to make everything perfect.

It looks pretty good, too.

They do look good, thank you for noticing. We partnered with illustrators from all over the world to create packaging you’d be proud to keep out on your counter. I know I’ll be displaying my Ultra Strong Mega Roll Bath Tissues without shame.

And what did you do in all this, exactly?

My copy colleagues and I once spent two-plus hours trying to write a perfectly wry, funny way to describe Lemon Thyme Basil Dish Soap. So, yeah, we stared into the abyss.

That sounds kind of nuts.

It is. But that’s been the process — lots of dedicated people putting hours and hours of work into the most minute details of every product so that our customers can know that everything they get from us a really good version of that thing. It was trial by fire, and we all came out smelling like lemon thyme basil.

Alright, I’m intrigued. When can I order?

Now. Literally, right now, right here.

We are freaking excited to have you and everyone else try Uniquely J. So dive in — Uniquely J is about to become your new favorite everything.

Visit jet.com/uniquelyj

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