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I have always been a bit of a sneaker head. Anytime a new sneaker hit the market, I had an overwhelming urge to purchase it immediately. It didn’t matter what brand the shoe was or what celebrity had collaborated to create them, I needed to own them. Looking back now, more than half the sneakers I was dishing out bills for were downright ugly. They were not practical sneakers and they definitely weren’t something I would even want to wear out in public. They would arrive at my house and collect dust in the back of my closet packaging and collect dust as I watched my bank account slowly diminish.

I recently decided to purge my sneaker collection to get rid of anything ridiculous that I knew wouldn’t ever make an appearance in broad daylight. During my cleanse I realized there was one brand that I could never get myself to get rid of, Adidas. Adidas is a classic, a brand that has been around forever but in a really great way. They are truly the originals, who have always created quality shoes and clothing that really last. I remember being a little munchkin and wearing a brand new pair of Adidas Slide Sandals to soccer practice and feeling super cool.

As the years have gone by, Adidas has continued to evolve as a brand while always keeping its most famous looks. While they have always been top of mind, in recent years Adidas made an epic comeback and they are truly killing it. They have become a brand that you can easily incorporate into your life whether you are working out in the gym or just walking down the street.

My love for Adidas has expanded from just shoes to a full wardrobe for all occasions.  I can totally admit that I’m not the coolest person around, but my black Adidas dress and matching Stan Smith shoes make me feel like I’m a super hip athleisure model.  Here are some of my top Adidas picks.

Adidas Linear Leggings 

Comfortable yet stylish Adidas leggings are perfect for most events. They are easy to dress them up or down, however you prefer.

Adidas NMD

The Adidas NMD’s are a super popular sneaker that look amazing with any outfit. Whether you are going sporty or chic, these kicks have got you covered.

Selena Gomez for Adidas Camo Jacket

There is not much that needs to be said about the Selena Gomez Camo Adidas Jacket, it is simply amazing.

Stan Smiths for Adidas

Stan Smiths are a staple shoe in the Adidas collection. While most people opt for the black and white classic look, you can totally mix it up with a sassy floral print like these.

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