We very literally run on caffeine.

My love for coffee knows no caffeinated bounds. I was raised by a dad who just drank the stuff all day like water. “You could stick a spoon straight up in a cup of his coffee,” my mom often said. I grew up hoping I would inherit his love of a cup of brew, and boy did I ever.

The moment I roll out of bed, it’s Cup #1, with either a supersweet creamer or a splash of coconut milk. From there, I grab a Starbucks on my way into the office, a cold brew with also a splash of coconut milk. SOMETIMES, I will drink another cold brew mid-afternoon. COFFEE. MAKES PEOPLE. HAPPY. I go to bed genuinely looking forward to that first delicious cup of coffee.

For many of us, every day is National Coffee Day. However, I won’t say no when it comes to an excuse to put more of the caffeinated life juice into my face (cough, veins). To celebrate the actual National Coffee Day on September 29th, I asked a bunch of Jet employees what their relationship to coffee was. Turns out the responses are quite, er… passionate. I guess you could say that Jet runs on coffee.

Starbucks Dark Roast


Coffee and I have a dependent relationship. I drink one cup within five minutes in the morning, then I have a second that I’m able to enjoy and sip. Depending on how cold I am, I’ll decide between hot or iced. The problem is that caffeine in coffee hasn’t effected me in a long time, but I feel empty without it. Dark roast is absolutely my favorite, with a splash of half and half. If I’m feeling like treating myself, a wet cappuccino is my go-to.


When I was younger I drank coffee to tell the world I’m ready to kick some butt, now I drink it to prevent my butt from being kicked on a daily basis. I’m a Hawaiian Kona fan all the way, but that doesn’t mean I won’t gulf down a 7-11 Hazelnut off of Washington St in Hoboken.


I drink 2 cups of Cafe Bustelo every morning — it’s strong and good, with zero pretension at all. 

La Colombe Latte


I have a solid relationship with coffee. My favorite coffee in general is a good ol’ latte with some WHOLE fatful milk. None of the low-fat or 2% or skim shit because it tastes like water. I drink lattes on the daily. It is my breakfast. If i’m feeling extra, I go for La Colombe’s Draft Latte.


I like really dark, black coffee made using a pour-over method, which helps bring out the coffee’s flavor while reducing the taste of acid and plastic you get from a drip machine – I make a carafe every morning.


I have a love/hate relationship with coffee – for the past 5 years I would show up to work and grab a cup before doing anything else, often times accumulating anywhere from 3-5 cups throughout the day.


If I could, I’d inject coffee directly into my veins on a daily basis – but since my doctor has strongly advised me against that, I’ve settled for Cafe Bustelo Espresso Blend via my ceramic pour over. In the summertime, I pour it directly into some ice and coconut milk – always goes down smooth.

Califia Almond Milk


I prefer espresso over coffee. i just got a Nespresso machine from my wedding registry and it is a game changer. I make my own iced latte with two Nespresso pods, almond milk and ice. Delightful.


Coffee is life. I would literally die without a medium french vanilla iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts every day. Doesn’t matter the season, coffee should always be served on the rocks.


My love affair with espresso started in college and (like my husband) we will be together until death do us part.

Califia Cold Brew


I drink one cup of hot coffee each morning, always with almond milk and always after working out. My morning cup of coffee is the best part of my day and I never like it to be rushed – it is a ritual for me. If I have coffee at any other point in the day, it is likely Califia cold brew and just meant to keep me alive.


I love just about any brand of coffee that is bold and smooth. Having a cup in the afternoon after lunch is the best!


I have a close relationship with iced coffee that started around the time I moved to New York. We’ve been together for about 5 years now, and I can’t imagine my morning with out it, even when it’s cold outside.

CoffeeMate Pumpkin Spice


Coffee is important to me if it is a carefully-crafted brew. I look for unusual flavor profiles and drink it for pure enjoyment, rather than a need for caffeine.

Green Mountain Nantucket Blend


I wish I was a coffee connoisseur, but I’m not. The truth is whatever it is, give me two cups of coffee – no cream, no sugar – in the morning and all will be right with the world.


I LOVE coffee. My day hasn’t started until I have a cup in the morning! I switch to decaf after 3, otherwise I can’t go to sleep at night. But it’s a great way to start my day or take a break with a coworker in between meetings.


Coffee is delicious! I drink it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I usually drink it black, but also enjoy it with milk and sugar. While I mix it up with flavors and roasts I usually go for something on the dark side. Overall I think coffee serves as a delicious treat and a tool to jump start my mornings.

Sophia S. 

Coffee keeps me alive. Wandering Bear Cold Brew is my fave for the morning. I indulge in affogatos at night.


I have an interesting relationship with coffee in that I only drink it on the weekends! Counterintuitive, but it gets me out of the apartment and out enjoying the city. I mainly stick to tea during the week – you can find me with a full mug at all times.


Coffee is the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning. If my coffee routine is disturbed, my whole day is thrown off. I brew it with an AeroPress and always go for Stumptown Coffee Roasters.


I didn’t even start drinking coffee until I was 22 at my first full-time job, but four short years have turned me into a full-on devotee at two cups per day (minimum). I don’t really feel productive or creative without it, and the darker/stronger the style, the better.


Hot blueberry flavored coffee from Dunkin Donuts is my world – feels like I’m eating a muffin but w/out the calories. 


My day is kickstarted with coffee, my preferred type of coffee to drink is cold brew or iced coffee in general. Now if it’s too cold outside, I guessss I’ll switch to hot coffee. I have general pleasant feelings about coffee, but sometimes I do find myself cutting back. Fun fact: I didn’t start drinking coffee until after I left college.

GoodPop Cold Brew Popsicles


Coffee meets ice cream > coffee meets bagel. Give me all the GoodPop Cold Brew Popsicles. 

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