Your lunch just got a lot more interesting.

Growing up, my mom (bless her heart) would always pack me the BEST school lunches. The one I loved the most was her perfect, classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was creamy, sweet, nutty and kept me full in all of my classes (even the ones that seemed to drag on and on…and on). My mom also loved it because it was super easy to make in the 5 minutes she had in between getting ready for work, ironing my dad’s pants and helping my brother finish his homework. The PB&J was my family’s go-to. However, most schools today don’t allow students to bring peanut butter to school to be respectful of students with allergies. When I heard this, it became my duty to find the perfect nut free replacement for not only those students who have allergies, but also my fellow PB&J lovers looking for their new lunchtime staple. With a few of my fellow experts*, I tested the top peanut butter alternatives out there and am here to let you know how to make your school lunch nut-free, but just as delicious.

Apple butter

Dickinson’s Apple Butter

Dickinson’s Apple Butter was hailed for its sweetness, cinnamon kick and fruity flavor. It tastes like apple pie filling in a jar! We recommend Dickinson’s Apple Butter as a part of your morning breakfast routine on top of toast. However, it is a little bit more like a jam than a nut butter. So even with our taste buds telling us to stick around, we continued on our journey to find the perfect PB replacement.

Cookie spread

Biscoff Cookie Butter

Biscoff Cookie Butter absolutely blew our minds. It was DELICIOUS! It tastes like cinnamon graham cracker cookies blended with a hint of frosting, with the creamiest, most decadent texture. It is absolutely addicting! We recommend eating it on applies, crackers, toast, in sandwiches or honestly, just straight out of the jar. Simply, SO GOOD! With the main ingredient being cookies, Cookie Butter is not the most nutritious nut butter replacement, yet we still give it an A+ and recommend it for a Friday lunch treat or Monday mid-day, pick-me-up.


SunButter Natural

One bite of SunButter and we were brought right back to our days at little league, bags of sunflower seeds in hand. We loved it! It tastes very similar to peanut butter, but with a unique sunflower seeds tang. It’s packed with fiber to keep you full all day long and if that isn’t enough, it has a texture that is practically identical to that of natural peanut butter – rich, creamy and smooth. Spread some of this stuff on toast with some banana and honey and we guarantee you won’t be able to taste the difference.



We knew the second we tried Wowbutter that this nut free alternative would be the one to fool people. Its taste and texture are nearly IDENTICAL to that of peanut butter. Whether eating it with apples or bananas, baking it into cookies, or adding it to a nutritious smoothie, I promise that it will truly feel like you’re eating the real thing!

*Big thank you to the Jet Marketing Team for participating in my taste test and providing the feedback that helped me write this blog. Gold stars for all!

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