Get a cup a tea, a cat, and some quality book time.

There’s something nice about when the weather gets cold and rainy and kind of gross. It’s like you don’t need an excuse to stay inside anymore. No more feelings of guilt that you’re not at the beach, no texts from friends asking if you want to do this or that. Nope – fall weather means you stay inside, wrapped in a cozy blanket, your phone is in another room, and you you relax into a good book.
We bring to you the first in an ongoing series: What We’re Reading. From existential thrillers historical romances and more (anything about anyone being kidnapped, if you’re me), we’ve got you covered when it comes to the best book recommendations to keep you under the covers and away from your friends. They’ll understand.
Liza Landsman, President,
Recommended Book Title
Love the optimism of the narrative (even though NYC is under water), and the changing character points of view create a very compelling multi-dimensional perspective. Also, anything that combines sci-fi and some version of disaster-porn is a must-read for me!
Isabella Peraertz, Associate, Site Management
Recommended Book Title
This is the ultimate book for anyone trying to find their place in the world and coming to terms with events one cannot control. One of the richest examples of magical realism and a masterpiece of epic proportions of a well-to-do family in a small Latin American town throughout the generations, this is a book for a lifetime.
Emily LaBarge, Literature & Fiction Lead, Books Team
Recommended Book Title
One of the best things about Outlander is that it’s not just for any one reader. There’s a little bit of romance, a little bit of time travel, and a whole lot of history packed into one not-so-little book.
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Photo Studio: Chris Ritter/Emily Kinsolving

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