Meet's Refer a Friend Program. You're welcome.

Ever buy your friend a present and just stare at it for the day before giving to them, because well…you wanted it for yourself? We’ve been there, and we totally get that feeling of wanting to treat your friends while also wanting to treat yourself.

Enter our Refer a Friend program! Whenever you invite your friend to try Jet, they get $10 off their first order while you earn $10 in JetCash, then more after that. SO, the more friends you refer, the more you earn.

Okay, lets’ break it down.

Step 1

Invite your friends to Jet. Or your coworkers. Or whoever.

Step 2

They place an order. Your friends get $10 off their first order over $50.

Step 3

You earn JetCash. Get $10 per referral to start and up to $25 after that.

The end takeaway? It pays to be popular. Literally. At least in this case.

Photo Studio: Chris Ritter/Emily Kinsolving

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