Also, so cute, awwwwwww.

I have a somewhat unusual story when it comes to how I got my beloved cat Daisy 7 years ago. I was living in a railroad apartment in Brooklyn, waitressing at a pizza place with my best friend/roommate and generally having the best time ever. But SOMETHING WAS MISSING, and that thing was obviously a cat. I said to myself, “Lyz, you feed yourself every day, you could definitely do the same thing to something tinier and cuter than you.” Then, destiny intervened.

I was perusing Facebook, and saw that my high school prom date who I had not spoken to in many years (not because he wouldn’t dance with me, nope, not at all), had posted a photo of this tiny gray ball of fur in a pile of laundry. He was moving to Brooklyn, and couldn’t keep her. Before thinking about how #awkward that would be in general, I promptly told him I would take her. One kind of weird 2am visit from Prom Date later, I owned the tiniest, sweetest fluff pile you could imagine, and I immediately named her Daisy because I had been reading The Great Gatsby and she looked like a total heartbreaker.

Having her was/is a dream (she still remains to this day the snuggliest, sweetest cat I have ever met), but I definitely had to learn some things about taking care of a living thing. Here are my top 5 kitty lifesavers. And wherever you are, Prom Date, thank you. You might not have given me a corsage, but you did give me a Daisy. (Get it!?)

Wellness Core Grain Free

You might think that cat food is just cat food, and any old stuff from the bodega is fine, but kittens have tiny, sensitive stomachs. Wellness Core is all-natural and quality balanced nutrition for your kitty, so you don’t have to stress about any upset stomachs or weird cat noises coming from under the couch.

Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums Tasty Chicken Treat

There’s nothing cuter than watching a kitten eat a treat, and it’s a great way to start to train her in some way…at least as much as you can train a cat. I would say that my cat trains ME (hahahahahaha, sob). Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums are not only adorably named, but a delicious (I assume) natural way to reward your new pet.

Trixie Wavy Plush Scratching Cat Scratcher

If you’re Team Never-Declaw-a-Cat like I am, you’re going to want to invest in some scratching posts so your new feline friend doesn’t ruin every comfortable surface in your apartment. This one is purrrr-fect (I’M SORRY), because you can easily hide it so your guests don’t see, and it doubles as a comfy perch, too!

KONG Kitten Teddy Bear Catnip Cat Toy

Catnip is a thing for a reason, and will never not work when it comes to providing vast amounts of kitty entertainment. This teddy bear catnip toy is great because you can hide the catnip inside it, then watch as she cuddles up to it, maybe goes a little nuts, then snuggles up to it again.

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