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My younger sister and I have often been mistaken for identical twins. I am thrilled when this happens, because I think she is so much prettier than me; she loves to hear it because she thinks I’m so much skinnier than she is. That’s the world of sisters for you. Love. And jealousy. But mostly love.

Anyway, my sister and I look alike, and we’re roughly the same height and weight. But the same pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans will in fact fit us completely differently. Which is to say it won’t fit one of us at all.

Here’s something I didn’t realize until I had my second baby: it’s kinda the same with diapers. Maybe you stock up on Pampers Swaddlers before he/she comes because they’re what your mom used or you think the baby Sesame Street characters on the front are adorable (they really are). Maybe you are a copywriter (* clears throat *) and think the “All Second Moms Choose Luvs” commercial is so brilliant you vow to always honor Luvs with your business. Maybe you’re totally freaked out by the cost of diapers, and by how many you will need in a given month (around 250 in the beginning), and you vow to always go with the uber-affordable Kirkland brand.

Guess what? None of that really matters. True, you can start off choosing a brand you like based on nostalgia, advertising, or budget. And maybe Size 1 of that brand will actually fit baby like a dream, so you stick with it. If that happens on the first try, congratulations!  

But I’m here to tell you that not all Size 1 diapers are created equal. My first son was a Pampers baby from the get-go. It worked, and that’s all we used. My second son, who—and I say this lovingly—had the build of a soaking wet chicken? Pampers just didn’t fit him right; Huggies did. With my daughter, it wasn’t even about the fit; she had more sensitive skin, so I went with Seventh Generation Free & Clear diapers most of the time.

The moral of this story is, try as many brands of diapers as you can to find the one that best suits your baby. The difference between one that mostly fits and perfectly fits is the difference between a lovely white christening outfit you can hand down for generations and one you leave by the side of the road after an unfathomable disaster between the church and the reception. Another thing all new parents find out sooner or later: the most incomprehensible diaper catastrophes always happen when you aren’t home.

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