Bye, winter. You were gross.

Did you smell that? Yep, spring is in the air — which means spring cleaning will soon be in your house. Whether you’re prepping for a deep clean or just need to dust away the winter doldrums, your job will be easier with the right supplies. And that’s why I’m here, to share some of my favorite best-smelling spring cleaning essentials that’ll actually help you enjoy tidying up. Or, at least, hate it a little less.


Living Lavender

Spring cleaning usually involves scrubbing down everything but the kitchen sink, but please don’t forget about the actual kitchen sink. That’s where this plant-based, essential oil-scented Common Good dish soap will come in handy. The soothing lavender smell makes doing dishes a little bit lovelier, and the concentrated formula suds up nicely to help bring all the surfaces in and around your sink to nice shine.


Yes, Parsley

Once you’ve finished with the sink, it’s time to give the rest of your kitchen a wipe down. Just grab a bottle of Ecos Earth-Friendly Parsley All-Purpose Cleaner  and you’ll be all set. The parsley scent is unlike anything I’ve ever used before, turning your space into a miniature herb garden — without any of the bugs or dirt.

UJ Paper towels

On a Roll

Wait, you can’t wipe winter away without something to actually do the wiping. Enter: Uniquely J Multi-Size Paper Towels. With 128 super-absorbent towels per roll, these bad boys pair perfectly with your favorite all-purpose cleaner to tackle dust and grime all throughout your house — from countertops and appliances to living room furniture, bathroom surfaces, and beyond.


Get to Sparkling

Nothing sweeps me off my feet quite like a clean floor. Unfortunately, not everyone has a knack for the actual sweeping part (especially my roommates). But this Swiffer Starter Kit  is a total lifesaver. It comes with both dry and wet wipes for quick sweeping and easy mopping to leave your floors sparkling.


The Next Generation

Laundry is one oft-forgotten but super important part of spring cleaning. Why put away your winter clothes while they’re musty? Just run your sweaters and hats through the wash with this Seventh Generation Blue Eucalyptus and Lavender detergent and you can look forward to fresh-smelling cold-weather clothes come fall.


The Only Method

And now we’ve reached the bane of my spring cleaning existence: the shower. There’s something about the cramped, moist quarters and overwhelming smell of bleach that always freaks me out. Luckily, this Method Daily Shower Cleaner [hyperlinked] makes the whole affair so much easier. Instead of letting crud build up over time, I just spray a little every day and enjoy a much shinier shower year-round.

What are some of your favorite spring cleaning products?

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