What, like you don't have an imaginary pet?

I have wanted a puppy for as long as I can remember. With a busy work schedule and a small apartment, I have decided that now may not be the best time to have a dog. In my dream world, I would have a mini golden doodle named Rufus that I could hang out with 24/7 and we would be best friends. Yes, I already picked out his name.

I would have to guess that the summer time would be my favorite part of the year to spend with Rufus. If we are being honest, summer is the hardest season for us dog-less people. When the weather turns warm, the pups come out to play. Literally everywhere you turn there is a furry friend enjoying the outside with their owner. Knowing the day will come when I actually have Rufus, I have done some extensive research on what toys he may enjoy during the summer. Whether you are at the pool, park, or beach, these toys are a sure win for your 4-legged friend.

Water baby

If your pup loves the water (Rufus will be obsessed with water) then the Kong Water Wubba Dog Toy is the perfect option for you. The Water Wubba is the perfect toy for a game of fetch at the beach, pool, or lake. The toy floats so there is no need to worry about losing it or your dog. Once play time is over, the neoprene material is fast to dry and easy to pack on the ride home.

Get it, boy!

Is your dog high energy and needs a lot of exercise (I have a feeling Rufus may be a little hyper… just like his mom)? The Chuckit Dog Ball Launcher is a great pick for a dog that loves to run and a human that doesn’t want to do much leg work. The Launcher helps throw a ball much farther then we normally could. When your pup returns with the ball you can use the launcher to easily pick up the ball. No messy hands here!

Just relax

Do you like to sit back and relax on your day at the beach or park? The Tether Tug Outdoor Dog is definitely your go-to. The Tether Tug let you easily entertain your dog for hours while lounging on your chair or float nearby (I can see it now, drink & book in my hand with Rufus close by). You can set up the pole with knotted rope in grass or sand and let the puppy fun begin.

One day when Rufus becomes a reality, I will buy him all of these summer toys and share a million photos of him using them for the world to enjoy! Enjoy the summer all you dog owners and remember : H2O is key for all your furry friends.

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