Stock up on what they're actually into.

Even if you’re in costume, being stuck at home giving out the Halloween candy isn’t as exciting as going door to door collecting your own. That’s why last year, a little bored and frustrated by one too many trick or treaters with ‘tude, my friend and I devised a way to have a little fun ourselves and take kid’s favorite candy for ourselves.

We’d fill the bowl with slightly less-than-desirable candy, and as a gaggle of kids started rummaging through it, we’d toss in something AWESOME like a pack of Fun Dip and watch the claws come out. It was Lord of the Flies: Halloween Edition, a hilarious and thought-provoking sociological experiment. Feel free to think I’m a terrible person who doesn’t deserve trick or treaters. More candy for me!

Want to try the game for yourself—or just be the neighborhood Willy Wonka? I asked my friends and neighbors young and old which of the kid’s favorite Halloween candy and candy favorites in general were worth fighting over.



SMARTIES!!! They taste soooo good. They’re not huge so you can have a lot of them at once. Even though they’re tiny, they have really good flavor. Also, they’re safe if you have nut allergies like me.”

Smarties and lollipops because one might be gold and one might be pink and one might be purple and those are my favorite colors.”

Reese’s because it’s peanut butter and chocolate, the two best-tasting things in one amazing candy.”

“Least favorite: Laffy Taffys. The taffy tastes good but it’s sticky so peeling the wrapper off proposes a challenge. The taffy usually gets stuck to the wrapper and you end up having to eat the wrapper and spit it out in order to get the candy.”

Starbursts because they have so many good flavors! With other candies, most of the flavors I don’t like but with Starbursts I like all of them, especially red. Also, Smarties because you just get a bunch and they taste so good.”

Kit Kat

“I like everything; it depends on what I’m in the mood for. If it’s something sweet, I like Kit Kat, Twix, Nerds, and Smarties. If I want sour, I like Sour Patch Kids.

“My favorite is probably Starbursts and Skittles because I really like the flavors they come in. I also like how Skittles packs come in all different sizes.”

“My favorite is Hershey bars, but I like to make them frozen after I trick or treat—that gives them more taste and crunch. It also doesn’t make them as melty and then they won’t get all over your hands. My second favorite is M&Ms because the chocolate is really good and it can’t get melty because of the hard outside.”

Haribo gummy bears


 “I typically give what we like to eat: Reese’s, M&Ms, and Haribo Gummy Bears.

“My kids like sticky candy: Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Skittles. I’m always surprised because when I was young, I couldn’t get enough chocolate: Hershey’s, Kit Kat, Snickers and Reese’s. Although, we didn’t worry so much about nut allergies then.”

“Definitely chocolate… Kit Kats, those miniatures like Hershey’s and Krackel, Reese’s. I also like the little candy corns, but in a package—not loose.”

Peanut butter cups, hands-down!”

“By far the best candy these days is the sweet stuff (Laffy Taffy, Sour Gummies, Nerds). Much preferred over the traditional old-school chocolate.”

“The worst are those no-name candies that are a cross between a Tootsie roll and taffy and somehow manage to be as hard as a rock yet completely stuck to the wrapper.”

Fun Dip is where it’s at. Give it out and be forever protected from getting egged on Mischief Night.”

What’s the best Halloween candy in your opinion? Let us know!

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