That's a mouthful. Just like these cookies.

There is no denying that the holidays are such a special time of year. They’re a time for cheerful music, nostalgic movies and twinkling lights — no matter how hard you try, you just can’t help but feel cozy inside. However, along with that warm, fuzzy feeling comes a pretty big chunk of stress. How could it not? Among the lights and the music, there is simply SO much to do — making sure you’ve grabbed gifts for everyone on your list, keeping up with the end-of-the-year rush at work, making it to all of the neighbors’ holiday parties, decorating the house, watching The Holiday thirteen times, attending the kiddo’s Christmas play…the list goes on and on.

Then there is the Annual Holiday Cookie Swap, when baking cookies from scratch is just not in the playbook. There is just not enough time in the day. Well, here at Jet HQ we feel the same way, so we held a taste-test to discover which break-and-bake cookie dough was easiest on the baker and on the taste buds. Trust us, you don’t have to be Buddy the Elf to save Christmas.

Chai Cookie Dough

Spiced Chai Sugar from The Perfect Bite Co.

We were pleasantly surprised with the unique, yet satisfying flavor of this cookie — it was like the perfect combination of a snickerdoodle and sugar cookie, but kicked up a notch with all of the holiday spices mixed right in. No doubt, this dough is the quickest and easiest way to a sophisticated cookie that guarantees a jealous side eye from the Martha Stewarts of the group. We would recommend bringing this to any cookie swap because it is sure to impress.

Toll House cookies

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Lovers from Nestle Toll House

The best word we found to describe the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Lovers cookie was “classic.” It’s sweet, satisfying, chocolatey and nostalgic – everything we love about Christmas wrapped up into one perfect bite. There is no question that at any cookie swap, this would be a crowd pleaser. For an elevated take on the original, we recommend sprinkling some sea salt on top of the dough before baking.

Gluten free cookie dough

Gluten Free Peanut Butter from Immaculate Baking

We were shocked when we learned that these cookies were gluten free! What they lack in gluten, the pick up in flavor. Simply described, they are a peanut-butter lover’s delight. They were so easy to bake into a perfectly moist bites that weren’t too sweet, but still rich and satisfying. These are the best to bring to a cookie swap because not only do they accommodate all sorts of diets, but they also please every palate.

Toll House Sugar Cookie Dough

Sugar Cookie Sandwiches 

Sugar cookie sandwiches may require one extra step beyond baking, but they were hands down our favorite cookie treat of the bunch. Simply let your sugar cookies cool, frost them with some festive Funfetti frosting and turn them into little cookie sandwiches. It’s a quick hack that makes these cookies decadent and irresistible – plus really cute and festive! As one of us put it perfectly – “they’re like a cupcake, but without the mess!” What’s better than that?!

What is your favorite cookie swap hack?

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