It's not about which ones to get, but in what order to eat them.

In case you didn’t know, it is football season. There is nothing better than getting everyone together on a crisp Sunday afternoon for some friendly rivalry and of course, amazing food. Nothing screams football better than some game day grub – chicken wings, pizza and my personal favorite, chips and dip! However, with flavors spanning from Sour Cream and Onion to Nacho Cheese, how can you ever know what to choose? Well here at Jet HQ we just won’t stand to let you or the boys of fall down, so we hosted a taste test to determine the best chip and dip combo for your football fiesta.

Lay's Wavy


Original Wavy Lays with French Onion Dip

There is nothing quite as classic as original Lays potato chips and French onion dip – just one bite and we were brought back to family holidays and parties of our past. It is nostalgic, delicious and one of the most addicting chip and dip combos we tried. There is something about the extreme saltiness of the wavy chips that combines so nicely with the creamy zing of the French onion flavor. We couldn’t stop eating it and all agreed that this was a must have at any football gathering. Pro Tip: we recommend using French Onion Dip Seasoning Mix and sour cream for an extra quick dip that tastes homemade.

Tostitos Jalapeno

Tostitos Hint of Jalapeño with Smoked Jalapeño Queso

When your team scores a touchdown and you’re fired up, you need a spicy snack to match. That’s why we loved this jalapeño combo. It wasn’t too hot that it left us running for the milk, it simply added a nice kick that left our taste buds wanting more. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the queso not only tasted like cheesy greatness, but that it contained real ingredients like cheddar cheese, bell pepper, and cilantro to boot (honestly, does it get any better?!). 


Tostitos Hint of Lime Chips with Guacamole

Finally, when you’re past halftime, cerveza in hand, and you need the perfect chip and dip combo to pull you through to the end of the game, we HIGHLY recommend Hint of Lime chips with guacamole. Although, we believe that guacamole would make evan a football taste delicious, the Hint of Lime chips definitely held their own. They were the perfect balance of salty and citrus that mended perfectly with the creamy avocado. We recommend buying double because, trust us, you’re going to want some long past that final whistle.

How do you celebrate Sunday Funday?

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