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If you’re going to gorge yourself on chocolate, let it be good chocolate. I bought my husband one of those samplers last year as like kind of a joke but also I wanted some? So anyway he opened them and we started to eat them and yikes, that is not the fanciest of chocolate. I don’t know how I didn’t know that for so long.

This year, we’re doing it right. These are just a few of the chocolate brands that come highly recommended from places like Food52 and various taste tests. Bonbon appetit! (Get it? Haha.)

Dark chocolate

Vosges Bonbons, Dark Chocolate

There are 50 individually wrapped caramel-dark-chocolate bonbons in here. With 72 percent cacao dark chocolate! Plus, there’s no GMOs here and they’re completely gluten-free.

Dessert Truffles

Godiva Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert Truffles

A perfect sweet-tooth combo: strawberry cheesecake and milk chocolate, all topped with strawberry puree.

Lindt Spring Gourmet Truffle Quartet, Assorted Chocolate

I know Lindt is pretty standard, but all of their truffles are delicious. This sampler includes dark chocolate, milk chocolate, milk chocolate hazelnut and dark chocolate vanilla.

Chocolate bar

Chuao Chocolatier Bar
This artisan chocolatier is based in Southern California but hails from Venezuela. This “fusion chocolate” blends premium chocolate and natural ingredients.

Peanut Butter cups

Theo Chocolate

Fair trade, soy-free and palm free. This is gourmet chocolate and gourmet peanut butter that’ll change your relationship with peanut butter cups.

70% chocolate


Have you ever had heirloom cocoa? It’s time to try it if not. This rich chocolate is bright with a fruity finish.

Chocolate bar

Equal Exchange Organic Panama Extra Dark Chocolate

This dark chocolate is made from Panamanian beans. It’s also vegan and soy-free. Made of 80 percent cacao, it’s got that dark bite that makes chocolate so good.

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