Because New Year, New You, Same Apartment.

It’s 2018 now. Have you found yourself in a New Year, Same Apartment situation? Moving is expensive and a huge hassle, but mostly expensive, so the space you live in now should give you all the feels. Let us help you help your apartment and check one of your goals off the list for this year. We have rounded up some of the best splurge-worthy home items we have to offer. Add these into your mix, and we’re confident you’ll feel like you moved into a much nicer apartment.


For curling up on the couch

Your apartment is missing something. You just know it is. But for some reason, you can’t quite put your finger on it. Don’t fret, I have found it for you. Perfect for rainy movie days, binge-watching Netflix, curling up with a book, or just a good snuggle, this cashmere blanket is the perfect companion. Super soft, big in size, it is perfect for a party of one or two.


For drying off

Whether you are a bath or a shower kind of person, there is nothing that can ruin the ambiance more than an unsatisfactory towel for when you get out. Your towel should be plush and super absorbent. You should want to curl up into it and take a nap with it. You should have to think extra hard if you are using a blanket or a towel to dry off. Well, just the name of these says it all. This bath towel by Superior is everything you didn’t know you were missing out on. Just don’t blame me if you start showering multiple times a day.


For keeping the clothes clean

Chocolate chip cookies and clean laundry, two of the most distinct scents my nose can pick up on. There is nothing that compares to the smell of clean laundry — clean towels, clean sheets, clean clothes. The smell just seems to fill the whole house. When short on time, you can substitute with this edible cookie dough. While it won’t make your house smell, your belly will certainly be happy! As far as your laundry though, that is definitely not something you should skimp on. But also, because your coworkers will thank you too. What you need in your life is this amazingly scented laundry detergent by The Laundress.


For cleaning all the dust bunnies

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of vacuuming up dust.  But finding the right vacuum is a job in itself. Let’s be honest, most of us can’t be bothered with the big, heavy machines that are so cumbersome we end up not using them at all. Fear not, this cordless vacuum by Shark is here to answer all your prayers. Is it lightweight? Yes! Is it cordless? Yes! Perfect for when you get into a grove, so you don’t have to stop and plan your route around the next outlet. Not only does it let you clean carpets and floors, but its flexible head and body let you get those hard to reach places too. I don’t want to say you’re going to look forward to vacuuming, but it’s certainly possible.

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