Rustic fireplace not included.

I’m always amazed at the lengths people go to when decorating for various seasons. My neighbor, for example, is a bonafide Christmas FANATIC—not only does she add décor, she switches out generic items like the kitchen clock and living room picture frames with ho-ho-ho versions. It makes her happy, and being in her thoughtfully decorated home makes me happy.

In my home and life, too many extraneous details make me anxious (I had a panic attack last week when I saw my friend had something like 300 unread messages on her phone). And let’s be honest, with extra décor comes extra work (more dusting, for one thing) and that REALLY makes me anxious. Still, I’m not the guy from American Psycho. I don’t want to live in a stark museum devoid of any seasonal character whatsoever. Enjoy these DIY fall decorating ideas that add just the right amount of fall spice to your home.


Bowls of stuff

One of my all-time favorite decorating items—for ALL seasons—is a large, clear glass vase. Keep it in a prominent spot (dining room table, entry way) all year-round and fill with something creative related to the current season. For Fall, it could be mini gourds, acorns, or candy corn (for decorating, not for eating).


Spruce up your mantle 

If you’ve got a fireplace like me, it’s easy to change out the garland on your mantel 4x a year. Get started now with maple harvest leaves, mixed berries and pine cones, or paper witches and pumpkins.

Throw blanket

Grab some new pillows

I don’t think I’ve ever read a seasonal decorating feature that didn’t mention alternating the toss pillows in your seating areas. If you don’t have the space to stow away your Spring and/or Summer favorites, try inexpensive pillow cushion covers featuring autumn-friendly prints, textures, or colors over what you already have. And because layering isn’t just for your wardrobe (and because baby, it’s getting cold outside), a woven fringe throw over a side chair or sofa promises style as well as warmth.

Pumpkin towel

Play up the texture

While we’re talkin’ textiles, you might want to consider swapping out your hand towels, dish towels, placemats, and even rugs (if your floors are usually bare, Fall and Winter are time to welcome something cozy underfoot). I love prints that are just a little unexpected, like a patchwork pumpkin that’s blue instead of the traditional orange, or geometric leaves that don’t necessarily look like leaves at all.


Switch up the scents

A little fragrance goes a long way when it comes to setting a seasonal tone, and it’s not hard to make scents even if you’re not a fan of air fresheners or candles. (Although, this one is bourbon-scented). Put out apple or pumpkin clove aromatherapy hand soaps in the kitchen and powder room. Add a drop or two of cinnamon essential oil to your lightbulbs (turned off) to infuse the air when turned on. And don’t forget one of Fall’s greatest simple pleasures—comfort food! Fire up the crockpot and let the yummy smells of a mouthwatering soup, stew, or casserole drift through your home all day long. Bonus: you get to eat it, too!

Share your DIY fall decorating ideas with us!

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