And win at Self Care Sunday at the same time.

Guys, it’s winter! But you knew that. Signs point to seasonal moodiness when the Netflix screen screams “ARE YOU STILL WATCHING?” at you. Of course you are. You know it’s winter by the amount of plans you have cancelled because “it’s cold.” You know because of the takeout containers piled up around the sink. Your outfit is a blanket now.

It’s no secret that K-Beauty is the cure-all for well, all. Including that winter funk and boredom. The Face Shop is a never-fail K-Beauty brand that offers something for all skin types, and everything you need to brighten up the winter drearies and treat yourself on your Self Care Sunday. Or Tuesday. We know. Winter’s tough. Be nice to your skin. The Face Shop uses natural ingredients in luxurious ways to get you that good skin you’ve been looking for.

Bio-Cell mask

Bio-Cell Firming Face Mask

This mask is everything. As if you weren’t already stirring collagen into your coffee (and if you’re not, you should be), this sheet mask clings to your face and won’t move, plus it is full of collagen serum that will give you baby soft and Insta-filter skin.

Face mask

Cucumber Face Mask

Cucumber is always soothing, and this sheet mask is perfect for a long bubble bath when you’re looking to restore your dry winter skin into something refreshed and new and looking like nice skin.

Nose strips

Jeju Volcanix Lava – Volcanic Ash Nose Strips

 First if all, nose strips will never not be fun. These strips are great because they use Jeju volcanic lava (I mean, whoa), to pull impurities and pollutants from your pores.


Daily Repair Toner

The idea of a toner can be terrifying, with leftover feelings from those alcohol-filled, drying astringents from the 90’s. No more! This toner is ultra easy on your skin, alcohol-free, and contains fun to say ingredients like betaglucan, chaga mushroom extract, and blue citrus peel. Apply with a cotton pad after your cleanser.


Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Moisturizer

A lot of winter moisturizers are thick and can be oilier than maybe you’d like. This light cream handles excess oil while maintaining its moisture balance. It’s the perfect day moisturizer to smooth over after your daily toner, for those days when you want to wear as little makeup as possible.

How are you combatting that winter skin this year?

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