Obviously, it involves some sparkle.

I love a good life hack as much as the next person, but when it comes to getting out the door before 7:30am, i.e., most days of my life, I need it to be easy. Really easy. As in, just do this without having to look at these step-by-step diagrams or this quick YouTube tutorial (and definitely not plugging in this appliance and waiting for it to heat up).

The best thing that ever happened to my hair were these kitschy little things called Bobbe-Pots, as seen in the pages of Teen People. They were basically four-inch terracotta planters, each one filled with about 10 bobby pins that had silk flowers glued to them. I had every variety, which included red roses, white roses, yellow pansies, and purple violets. And any time I wore them—even if I hadn’t washed my hair in three days and just pinned them around a ponytail—it was like I’d stepped out wearing the Crown Jewels.

“You know those flowers you wear in your hair? Can I borrow them when I go to LA next week?” the Vice President of my department asked. “Omigosh, your hair!” a celebrity once said, pulling away from her entourage in the ladies’ room at a NYC hotel. Let me remind you again, we’re talking about PLAIN BLACK BOBBY PINS. WITH FAKE FLOWERS GLUED TO THEM.

From that point on, I knew that the only hair trick I ever needed to know (and the easiest one ever, requiring no real skill or time commitment) was simply having an arsenal of standout hair accessories—the more unexpected the better. I just recently held a small memorial for the very last of my Bobbe Pots, which had an incredible 15+-year run, but until I get motivated to whip out the glue gun (it’s only a matter of time), these are my go-to hair miracle workers.

Glam Bobby Pins

Why stray from what you know works? Part your hair on the side and use these barrette-style to pin strands over the eyes, or tuck them vertically into a French twist. Try expressing your personality with conversation-starting pins from Graphics and More, featuring record LP designs, hibiscus flowers, and everyone’s favorite new emoji, the avocado.

Blingy Headband

Upgrade a traditional or low side pony in under 10 seconds with a sparkly headband of some sort. I love the vintage goddess-style ones with the flexible rhinestone bands that are surprisingly less Real Housewives of NJ than you would think. Tip: Always pair with an unassuming black hair elastic that keeps the focus on the headband.

Silk Scarf

Google “silk scarf hairstyles” and I promise you, the majority don’t involve elaborately weaving the scarf through a braid. Most demonstrate absolutely no hairstyle at all + creative positioning/tying of the scarf. The color and pattern are everything here and I say, go bold, like this goth-luxe version from Alexander McQueen.

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