The perfect diversion for any holiday family discomfort.

Everybody does Game Night a little bit differently. Some keep it classic with the likes of Life, Monopoly, Yahtzee, or Sorry. Others go for brainier fare, like Cranium, Trivial Pursuit, Boggle, or Scrabble. (It’s all fun and games ‘til the Scrabble dictionaries come out.) Want something a little lighter? Charades, Catchphrase, Scattergories, or Jenga are guaranteed to get your party off to a silly start.

What’s that? None of those games really tickle your fancy, huh. You want something edgier? Weirder? Even a little risqué? *Glances around* Well, I just so happen to have just the game for you. Follow me.

Actually, there’s nowhere else for us to go. So without further ado, behold! Social Sabotage: An Awkward Party Game by BuzzFeed.

Social Sabotage. We know. It sounds scary. Don’t let it. This social sabotage THE GAME, and it will only affect your life a little. We think. This social sabotage card game is all about good old-fashioned, light-hearted fun. The kind where you and your friends challenge each other to be weird on social media and, in the process, implode your carefully curated life.

How weird are we talking here? And how exactly does it all work? Glad you asked. This video explains everything. The kind of social sabotage Buzzfeed puts its stamp of approval on. 

So think of Social Sabotage as your basic party game on steroids. It takes all the fun of a card game and spins it out onto social media, where there really are no rules. It’s all up to you and your friends to see how strange things can get.

Ready to get weird?

Get Social Sabotage today.

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