Shameless plug here.

In case you hadn’t heard the Pantone color of the year is Ultra Violet. I didn’t know that there were colors of the year, but now that Jet shares that color, we’re all pretty amped about it. It means we’re relevant and we’re down with the kids. FINALLY. Years of trying to relate finally paid off with an iconic organization declaring we’re the color of the year. We’re all buying lottery tickets on a daily basis now.

Joking aside, but not really, now that this color is the jam of the next 365 we need to deck you out in ultra violet (or purple, for the ease of this article I’m just going to go ahead and say purple). So what ultra violet products can you score from us to assert your cool status — well, see.Fine Mod Purple Woom Chair and Ottoman

Fine Mod Woom Chair and Ottoman 

This looks like something out of a 1970’s therapist’s office decked in the color of the year. It’s bold, booming, and kick ass. Sitting in it is the ultimate combo of chill but dignified. The purple color leaves your guests guessing on how chill you actually are versus serious, but it’s always good to leave them guessing.

Urban root purple creamer potatoes

Purple Creamer Potatoes 

These aren’t just your basic Grandma’s sweet potatoes. These are urban roots peewee purple creamer potatoes. Ever heard of anything more hip in your life? I haven’t. You should have them hanging from the rafters in your kitchen so everyone can know they’re urban, purple, but sweet—like you.


Purple Shampoo by Marc Daniels

Powerful Purple Shampoo by Marc Daniels

As someone with very basic shampoo choices, it took me a bit to realize this doesn’t make your hair purple. I was confused. I had to read the entire description to understand that it’s actually recommended for people with blonde hair. What a bold choice, Marc Daniels. Confusing all the normies out there like me. So bold. So chic. So rad.



Just kidding — this movie is pretty terrible.


Purple Persian Rug 

Look at that. How dignified. You could even have two combatting plants like this stock photo has. You got to wonder what made that one plant get the high ground. Maybe it was better trained or was better suited for sunlight? They look the same though. Anyway, purple rugs are a pretty solid choice. I have one. It livens the room. Not bad for just a rug.

Purple Hershey Kisses

Purple Hershey’s Kisses 

If all else fails and you can’t dedicate to the new Pantone color of the year, then just bribe your friends with candy. Works for me.

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