Make your kid the happiest kid this year.

So the bad news is Hatchimals are still a top toy in 2017, so you’re bound to see more stories of parents getting into brawls in parking lots trying to get one. So grab one quick!

The good news is there are 24 more toys that are also super popular this year. Here’s what we’re working with.


  1. FurReal Roarin Tyler the Playful Tiger

This little animatronic pet tiger has more than 100 sound-and-motion combinations that he responds to sounds and talk with. It’s a Furby with a million times the functionality and adorability.



  1. LEGO Star Wars First Order Destroyer

This intense Lego model includes a working elevator, which means once it’s built it’s fully functional. Hours (and hours) of fun!


  1. KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set

This wooden playset is detailed and fully loaded. It comes with 28 pieces of furniture, plus (bendable!) figurines.


  1. VTECH Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

This toy helps your baby learn to walk, and also includes an activity panel for the floor.


  1. VTECH Smart Shots Sports Center

Shoot hoops, score soccer goals, turn gears and press buttons. This activity set entertains and teaches the rules and mechanics of popular sports.

Disney princess house

  1. Magical Wand Palace

This enhanced dollhouse recognizes your child’s Disney princess. Place Cinderella or Rapunzel on the magical spot and the house lights up with sounds and phrases from that princess’s story.

Fingerling Monkey

  1. Fingerlings Baby Monkey

Fingerlings, like the FurReal tiger, responds to sound and touch in more than 40 ways. Plus they’re adorbs, of course.


  1. Tickle Me Elmo

This classic toy is still beloved. Tickling Elmo makes him laugh and kick and talk–powered by just a couple of AA batteries.

Baby Alive

  1. Baby Alive

Another toy that’s endured for decades, Baby Alive needs to be cared for–her temperature needs to be taken, her ears need checking, and her diaper needs changed! That’s right–she wets herself!

Soggy Doggy

  1. Soggy Doggy

This kids’ game features a toy puppy the players keep soaked with water. At random points in the game, the pup shakes himself dry–all over the players. A little wet, but lots of fun!

Speak out

  1. Speak Out

In this family-friendly game, all the players wear a clunky mouthpiece that makes talking difficult. Of course, the game’s objective is to pronounce words as clearly as possible despite the mouthpiece. A little cleaner than Soggy Doggy, and just as fun.

Pie Face

  1. Pie Face

Another risky game that might leave you with whipped cream on your face. Not the worst fate, right?

Merge cube

  1. Merge Cube

This holographic cube works in tandem with a smartphone app to bring holograms to life. You can enhance the experience with VR goggles, but you don’t even need to do that if you want to keep it simple. View the cube through the app’s lens and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


  1. Batbot

This robot can transform into a tank and back again–all by remote control!


  1. Hatchimals

Kids are gaga for Hatchimals, another adorable animatronic animal that bursts forth from its synthetic egg. Amazingly popular and, tbh, mesmerizing to watch video of on YouTube.

Pikmi Pops

  1. Pikmi Pops

A big lollipop filled with plush surprises. There’s lots to discover in a Pikmi Pop.

LOL Surprise

  1. LOL Surprise

Another surprise-filled toy with lots of little parts inside. Plus, the ball doubles as a purse.

Nerf Rival

  1. NERF Rival

This pop-ball gun holds up to 100(!) rounds.

Sphero BB

  1. BB-8

The cutest Star Wars droid is powered by your phone app, responds to voice commands, and can even be set to automatically zoom around your house of its own volition. Watch your step!

PAW Patrol

  1. Paw Patrol

Perfect for the child who loves to pretend. Paw Patrol offers hours of imaginative fun. Set out on rescue missions on land and at sea.


  1. Luvabella

This responsive baby doll is amazingly life-like, giggling when you tickle her and answering certain voice commands.

My Little Pony

  1. My Little Pony

Princess Twilight Sparkle has a light-up horn and can speak more than 90 phrases. She also gives friendship advice, sings songs, and tells stories.

Little Live Pets

  1. Little Live Pets

If your little babe’s been bugging you for a puppy–and you just can’t do that at this point in your life–these Little Live Pets are pretty convincing. They’re soft, they snuggle, they don’t poop on the floor.


  1. Think & Learn

This little robot teaches preschoolers to follow directions, think critically, and move their bodies. He asks questions, dances, and plays games, too.

Disney Speedway

  1. Pixar Speedway

A 5-foot-long race course with lots of images and characters from Cars 3. It’s the biggest raised track set in the series!

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