But he’d probably love if you told him one.

If you’re a regular Jet blog reader or one of my besties, you know gifting is my passion. I’m always on the lookout for that special something for that special someone, even if their special day is eleven months away. Still, I agree with the masses: men are notoriously hard to shop for, and Father’s Day is probably my least favorite occasion to deal with.

Clothes are impossible—I mean, neck sizes, are you serious?? Gadgets frustrate me, because beyond the initial wow factor, most tend to be pretty pointless (Speaker showerhead! Whoa! Better yet, use a regular mobile speaker and DON’T start messing with our plumbing fixtures). And sure, he can never have too much bacon…except when he has high cholesterol and the doctor says he’s consuming far too much bacon.

In recent years—I’m embarrassed to admit—I’ve gotten around the Father’s Day gifting conundrum by choosing gifts with an agenda, i.e. I want to you/us to have this, so this is my excuse to finally get it. Last year it was luxurious moisturizer and shampoo—so he would stop using mine. Before that it was a smart TV device—so I could watch Netflix in bed (but you so love the latest gadgets, honey!). I wanted to share my enthusiasm for Herschel Supply Co. duffels, although I wasn’t very disappointed when he deemed it too casual for business travel and I “had” to commandeer it as my go-to sporty summer handbag.

For these reasons, I once again gladly volunteered to poll the many dads I know regarding this year’s most wanted Father’s Day gifts. Ta-da—their wish lists:

Costway 3L Cold Draft Beer Tower Dispenser

“In my college days, it was all about getting cheap beer (and lots of it!). Now, in fatherhood, it’s more about enjoying one good beer a night, after the kids have gone to bed, while watching a game. Quality over quantity.”

Air fryer

Faberware Air Fryer

 “Every guy likes fried food and this seems simple to use and safe. Also, it’s healthier and cleans up very easily, which significant others will like, too. Everyone wins!”


 Go Pro HERO Session Action Camera

“I felt like a hero the day I taught my son to ride his bike. But in all the happy chaos, I forgot to take pictures or video. These hands-free action cameras are great for capturing on-the-go footage of our adventures and milestone moments.”

Tom Brady

 The TB12 Method

“I read a review of this book and it sounded really good. It’s always a bonus to know that the info is coming from someone who is so successful and has applied it to his success.”

Art of Shaving

 The Art of Shaving Perfect Shave Kit

“That’s right—I want to smell nice and feel like Don Draper. The Art of Shaving system gives me that same nice clean shave I’d get from a barber shop.”

 Are you a dad? Tell us what you really want for Father’s Day in the comments below.

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