The booze is actually optional. Who knew?

I live in New York City, which means I’m finding creative ways to get the most out of my spaces. This also means finding a dual-purpose for most of my furniture pieces. A bookcase used as a TV stand, a kitchen island used for storage, and of course, a bed frame that can stock a small department store underneath its platforms. The tough part with small spaces is finding clever ways to make sure your space is trendy and livable. I was visiting a friend and noticed a bar cart that she was using in her living room. It took up virtually no space but added a sort of elegance to the room we were sitting in. I fell in love with the idea of a glamorous bar cart, so I began doing some searching for myself.  I could take a bar cart and transform it into any unit of storage.  There is something about using a piece of furniture for something  it wasn’t originally made for that really brings out the inner artist in me.

Here began my journey to find ways to spruce up a space with a spunky bar cart.

Office cart

The Office Cart

What a great way to add a twist to an at-home office! Things can get very dull at home, it’s one of the last places I ever want to be working, especially when there is a comfy bed in the room next door. Nonetheless, working in an upbeat environment really helps me mentally (which is why I’m most productive at coffee shops and my office). So, adding a few pieces to organize yourself at home is always a win. Style your cart with some folder organizers, baskets, and notebooks that make you want to take notes.

Makeup cart

The Makeup Cart

This one is a personal favorite, a makeup cart filled with all things glamor. I found that having a specific space for every single brush, blush, and bronzer make it a whole lot easier to stay organized through my week. On any given day, I pack for my entire day in the morning. From heading to the gym at 6am to grabbing dinner with friends after work, there are a lot of important items I could behind. My makeup bag, for instance, that’s important. Having everything neatly organized on my bar cart makes for an easy escape in the mornings! I dressed up my bar cart with some more storage by putting up a mirror and lipstick organizer. My makeup is never getting left behind again.

Bar cart

The Actual Bar Cart

Okay, let’s get down to business. Dressing up your bar cart with all things boozy and fabulous. It seems that these household editions are popping up everywhere, whether they’re gold and flashy or wooden and rustic-feeling. You can add whatever your heart desires to add space and create the best drinks. Stack up on all of your favorite drink essentials from mixers and garnishes to striking drinking glasses, keep your cart stocked for any emergency. Using a bar cart to showcase your pretty bottles of wines and spirits will add joy to any room, your visitors will most definitely be taking notes.

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